Extreme Q - My Review, owned it for a year

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    Anyone considering buying one, read my review. I've used my extreme for almost a year now.

    Temp goes up to 250C/480F, most i ever reach is 220C/430F, and that's fucking harsh and it smells a little, but you get stoned as fuck this way. Low temps as low as 170C/340F are good if you need to do shit and you want to filter out more CBD, but the hits are less dense and takes longer to get high

    Odor is barely noticable compared to smoking and doesn't linger, it all blows away as soon as you open a window or two. Most people who don't vape would have no idea what the smell is and it would be very weak to them. An experienced vaper can smell vapor on clothing up to an hour after you vape, but few people have the ability to notice this. Change of clothes or bit of deo and eyedrops,you'll be looking as sober as before.

    Fan is useful, I usually fill bags on 1 for maximum density unless I'm impatient lol. Remote comes in handy for fans. Noise on 1 isn't much louder than the average computer on full load.

    It's big and not very portable, and it needs to be plugged in to a power point. You can get it to run off any 19v laptop charger with a 5.5mm connector though, including the ones with cigarette lighter plugs, if you can find a quiet spot you can toke in the car [​IMG]

    Large diameter bowl and whip compared to my iolite allow little resistance when you're pulling through big rips, and this gives the bud more surface area to vape. Also nothing beats a bowl you can fit your entire finger inside!

    The potpourri bowl thing doesn't really do shit and while the flowers generate a nice smell it's very weak and doesn't really do anything for a stinky room, I think this feature is more of an excuse for it to be legal than anything else lol.

    Does need a fair bit of cleaning and replacement screens, the glass can be difficult to clean. The more often it's cleaned the easier it is, try soaking in a mixture cooking oil, alcohol and salt and really scrub everything off. Be gentle disassembling, don't force anything apart or you could break the glass, if something won't move soak it in hot water then try again. I haven't found much luck cleaning the whips, any chemicals leave a taste behind so I usually just rinse with hot water (do not soak). Pipe cleaners, if there are any wide enough might help here. Hash clogs up the elbow connector's screen and they need to be rinsed, they get pretty bad so they need to be replaced often. Don't vape again till everything's 100% dry or you can seal a bad taste in the whip. Tobacco makes a bad tasting funk inside the parts aswell so if you vape tobacco use separate glassware and whips. I vape every day though so I guess that's kind of to be expected haha.

    Make sure if you do get replacement glassware that it's genuine, I have tried some of the Chinese crap some ebay sellers have for half the price, they have nowhere near the durability of the genuine ones and are very easy to break. Genuine sets cost about $20 so it's not as expensive as breaking a whole bong, I guess.

    I now vape half as much bud as i used to smoke and have noticed a small increase in fitness since stopping smoking.
  2. Good review man, I have their portable version the Solo, and definitely see myself buying the Extreme Q when looking for a desktop.
  3. Might try a solo one day mm sounds good, had an iolite once but it after a year the ignition switch fell apart, temps were too low tube was too thin, too much resistance.

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