extreme q 4.0

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  1. Sup Guys,
    Ive been researching vapes and have finally come across the one that i want to buy. So far the best price ive seen it at is 180 which is on ebay. If anyone else knows of any prices that are better than that it would help me out a lot if you could post them on here. And if you have the extreme q tell me what you think and if its worth the money.
  2. just make sure it comes with everything it is supposed to because 180 is quite cheap for that particular vape (i have it and a friend of mine recently ordered the same one off ebay for a little over 200$)


    its a great vape and i love it! you wont regret it if you choose this type. its super reliable and great to use. gets you soooooooooooooooooo high
  3. Thanks man yeah it does come with everything its actually from a store so i get the warranty with it too. Im pretty sick of combustion and want to try something else so this seemed like the perfect thing
  4. I'm in the same situation as you. I decided to go with the V-Tower Extreme Q as well. It's also nice to know you get a warranty from the eBay seller, as that's the one I was going to purchase from. Let me know how it works when you get it
  5. My friend has this vape and loves it. He said its really good for parties. I've hit it and its nice man. I wish I would've saved up more instead of buying the Vapir One 5.0 (although its still a good vape, just has its little problems).
  6. This is the 3rd Vaporizer I have owned and I LOVE mine.
  7. extreme Q is the best, anything by Arizer is top notch but the EQ is by far the best peice of equipment for the money! Affordable and you can whip/ have bags!

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