Extreme physical sensations while high

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    Ok, so I just took like, 10 good hits of my bubbler and I am fucking BAKED! I just have to tell you all what I'm feeling right now cuz aside from sitting next to a loud amp and being able to feel the sound waves floating through me, this is the craziest thing I've ever felt when high.

    So I'm sitting at my computer and my face is just tingling really bad, so I leaned my head back and it went away! I started lifting my head back up and I felt the tingles on the tip of my nose and spread out the further forwards I got. I did it slow, and it feels like there is some sort of forcefield. The same feeling as if you dipped your face into water (but being able to see and breathe) and paid attention to the feeling on your skin/face as you go deeper. The pressure on my face even increases the further forward I go too. That is what really makes it feel like I am entering into somewhere else.:smoking: I just kept going back and forth slowly so I keep feeling it. lol

    I'm curious as to the physical sensations the people here at GC have felt while high.

    Woah, I just remember saying that there was a music video going on inside my body. Like, it was a bright blue sky and white clouds kept in only by skin, although I could still see the sky inside me. It was wierd. And fireworks in the chest.

    Sorry for the ramble. I'm surprised I even made it this far.
  2. Is your weed laced with acid by any chance?
  3. When I smoke by myself and I sit back and close my eyes. I feel like I have big burst of energy in my chest. My face slowly melts flat and I start losing sensations of my legs, pelvis,arms and so on and it moves on up my body. My closed eye visuals go nuts and I see plasma and then get thrown into aboslute nothing, just empty void darkness. Its the most euphoric feeling ever and I just want to know if at some point I get good enough at this will I be shot into a paralel universe or have an out of body experience?

  4. Whoa! Any chance I could take a hit of that!? :smoke:
  5. I dont have extreme sensations but i remember one time my shoulders and arms felt really heavy and i felt like the tin man from wizard of oz. like they were rusty and couldnt move or something lol
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    Haha, I totally would too. Much more fun being high with someone else.

  7. That sounds crazy. I remember one time I took a huge hit of some shipwreck after taking a break from smoking for a while. I swear I felt like I was being massaged from the inside.
  8. i have had a similar experience a few times while listening to really loud music and being really high. i get something like a burst of energy waves that spread throughout my body and it can be pretty intense. sometimes it makes me shudder.

    something like a really great orgasm.
  9. Damn dude, what kind of shit are you smoking!?
  10. I've had similar sensations while smoking, especially those internal-massage-mini-orgasm-explosion-things. There's just some good shit out there, man. I usually get that from fire, though. :]
  11. I got stuff like that back when I first started getting high, but now the physical sensations are less apparent. If I'm laying in bed or something and I'm really blazed I tend to feel sort of like I'm floating. I have felt noticeably heavier, like my whole body just has more mass and I'm "pushing" against my surroundings. Some of my first few times, the cottonmouth made my teeth feel so fuzzy that it felt like they were vibrating, which was intense.

    If I manage get really high off of schwag or some dirty mids, I get bad body feelings more than anything else. My muscles get all tense, like I'm shivering, but I'm not. It just feels awkward and fatiguing and it kind of sucks. It only happens with, like, brick weed and shit though.
  12. Damn I used to get cool sensations like that when I started smoking.. haven't gotten them since. I used to feel like there was hot air blowing out of my ears and my extremeties could melt into their surroundings.. it was incredible.
  13. 1 time i felt like body was waving side to side like a flag in the wind or sumtin it felt so wierd it was like the feeling after youve been swimming for a day nd after that u still feel like ur in the water kinda like that exept... hazier, u kno
  14. I've had a somewhat "Out of Body Experience"

    but Who knows maybe i was just having a flashback or some shit!
  15. try taking a warm shower while your high is peaking, feels INSANE. if you have extreme physical sensations by just sitting there this'll probably feel even crazier for you, try it.
  16. lol, the first time I smoked, I really didn't get high; I just felt calm, relaxed, and a little light headed. but the first time that I DID get high, OMG

    I felt like I was in a video game...u know how in like, mario, how they have those brown bricks or something and you have to run fast because as you step on them, they start crumbling and falling down? Like, that is what it felt like....like the floor was moving and had to keep from falling.

    It was crazy cuz it was me, my best friend at the time and like, 2 other girls I didn't know and we were at my friends house. Loud music was playing and a strobe light was going and it was probably the strobe light that did it, but when I got up and walked around to the other side of the bed, and that is when it happened. lol

  17. e
    Duuuddee I need to get me some a dat Tin man shit...
  18. holyshit from wat ive heard that takes the cake. keep smokin, peace:smoking::smoking:
  19. if you've never laid on a waterbed while you were blazed out of your mind, try it. It's better than sex. Well maybe.
  20. Me and my best friend tend to feel the same exact physical sensations as eachother when high. Most often it's something that she described as, "It feels like my skin is made up of billions of mouths all laughing in unison"

    We also compare how high we are by what level it's at. It's really hard to explain but everytime I smoke It's like I start to feel this weird buzzy feeling that starts at my feet and slowly progresses up with each hit + time. I guess the best way to describe it is like filling a glass with water cept the glass is me and the water is the sensation lol.

    There's many other things but yeah my body just goes insane with the sensations each and every time I smoke. One of my fave parts of it all.

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