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  1. Just ordered some last week should be here any day but ran into some small problems with my plant so I transplanted it...what's the best way to get the mykos in the soil without damaging roots or doing another transplant

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  2. Dress it into your soil. Put some around the base and outer soil and work it a few inches in, then water it in. (Best to do this before a fresh feeding so the soil is manageable)
    And I’m not sure how well this works, but I’ve also soaked the granulant in some water and crushed it for my feed. Not sure how effective it works though so I’d stick with my first suggestion
  3. I'll try my best..I just worry about my roots a lot haha

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  4. You’re good man. I guess you could try watering it in. If you’re really worried whenever you do a transplant or anything that exposes roots — do it at night/ at lights out. Stresses the roots less. You could do that with the dress as well as an extra precaution. Just don’t go tearing through the soil and you’ll be fine. Just kinda scrape through carefully — you’ll know a root when you see it.
    I’ve damaged the hell out of my roots on my biggest baby transplanting her and she got shocked pretty bad, but she pulled through after a few days. Just don’t disturb them and you should be good but minor mistakes shouldn’t turn in to anything to major.
    Hope this help you brother.
  5. Theres not much point unless you apply directly to the roots, if youve already started feeding it nutrients.

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  6. Why do you say that?

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  7. Anything above 70ppm phosphorous is going to kill the microbes, thats why its to be innoculated early on...

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  8. I actually communicated with the author of "Teaming with Microbes" about this very thing, years ago...because it was alluded to but without numbers. Lowenfells told me 80PPM ...so we are in the same ballpark. At the time I was running with Fertilome 20/20/20 and switched to Jack's Citrus at 20/10/20 to get Myko and those roots humming.
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