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Extreme LST Experiment

Discussion in 'Plant Training' started by Russy, Mar 10, 2010.

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    There is several informative threads out there on LST'ing , they are great threads , which i have read in full and enjoyed.

    Here are those links :

    What I have done is taken LST/Pruning to a whole new , and possible crazy level. If anything , this thread will show that it is nearly impossible to over prune , or over bend a MJ plant !

    I will show some extreme bends, and recoveries, massive pruning and there recoveries , as well as the overall expansion of an LST plant.

    This project has been on going, so i will give some back story and updates to catch everyone up.
  2. Week 1-2 : December , 25th, 2009

    Seeds sprouted and planted. Two Sativia Dominant strains in one container. This was originally intended as a PC plant and vegged under 2 13 watt cfl's.
  3. Week 3 : January , 18th , 2010

    Topped at Fourth node and started training plants to lay down on soil and grow sideways.



  4. Week 5 : January , 27th , 2010

    Did some FIM on most the main tops , and continued the training to keep main stems running parallel to the ground.

    Week 5 Ground Shot


    FIM Shots


  5. Week 6 : Febuary , 5th , 2010

    Upgraded from a PC plant, to a full room with a 400 watt HPS . Transplanted into a slightly larger container , and also let the plant grow naturally for a few days with no tie downs.

  6. Week 7 : February , 10th , 2010

    After 5 days of natural growth under the hps , Transplanted to a larger container and did the first of the major tie downs on this plant.

  7. Week 8 : February , 19th , 2010

    After 9 days of recovery from the first major bends , it was very bushy and thick.


  8. Week 9 : February , 28th , 2010

    2 Weeks of normal growth and this plant was ready for its first serious pruning session. Along with a few bends .

    Before ::


    After ::

  9. Week 10 : March , 5th , 2010

    Fully recovered from the butchering.


    Thickness :

  10. I gave it 3 more full days to recover , then gave it the most extreme training session to date.




  11. Plant Stats March 9th 2010 :

    Age : 2 months 2 weeks 4 days
    Height : 8 Inches
    Diameter : 26 Inches

    Ill give it a week or so to recover , then we will do another crazy prune or bend session on it.

    If anyone has any requests on what they would like to see a MJ plant go through as far as a bend or prune, please give me suggestions, and I might just try it .
  12. thats pretty sweet bro!

    yea i got a request- make one of them grow up a vertical trelace made out of like a tomatoe fence or something, i would just like to see if you could getturn into like a vine or something close:wave:
  13. I would like to see someone try to grow a plant in one of those upside down tomato planters.

    I bet the bud would be utterly fantastic.
  14. velanarris , thats been done !!
  15. I'm going to have a cge with a grow space of 3ftx2ftx4ft tall. What do you think the best way to train them will be? I was think 5 plants for a quicker veg cycle. I plan on topping at every 4th node til it's full.
  16. I don't think the result would be any better than growing in a Smartpot container. The reason those work well for tomatos is because the roots get more air and more water and th main stalk is stressed less by not having to support the heavy fruit against gravity. Most people water the whole tomato plant, including the foliage & fruit, but tomatos grow better when you water the roots directly. A Smartpot achieves pretty much the same thing... roots get lots of air and you can water the roots directly by pouring directly into the container.

    Now, if u put MJ in an inverted container, the apical dominance is going to force that plant to grow skyward anyhow. The stalk will grow horizontally first to get around the side of the container, and then vertically toward it's light source.

    Personally, I plan to make my own "topsy turveys" this spring for my tomatos using smartpots. they are 1/2 the price of topsey turveys, so I'll just hang them outside and cut a hole in the bottom for the plant.
  17. I've been musing on setting up a big ass chickenwire (or similar) tube, and basically scrogging it vertically up and around it, kind of spiraling. I'd use a light above the whole setup for that. Then, running a cooltube horizontally through the center of the tube, and flowering with that. Seems like you could grow a beast of a single plant, just for personal, with a relatively small footprint. Like the rotating gardens, but ghetto, one plant, and stationary. :)

    Plant looks great by the way.
  18. just a word of advice, don't leave too much of the root ball exposed, it could dry out alot quicker. worst case would be root rot but just throw some moist dirt over the exposed portion to insure good protection for the ball.

  19. thanks , yeah Ive been keeping an eye on it, its happened that way since it was in the small tupperware , the dirt has just slowly eroded away from it, but from the light exposure they have gotten the bark like surface and become mostly a trunk at the base, so i think it'll be ok !

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