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  1. Hi guys and gals,
    I wondered if someone could point me in the right direction here, i appreciate its probably too late to do anything at this point but learning now could save me the same cockup later.
    First grow (well thats got this far), after tons of reading (eyes were bleeding :), I went with the cfl coco canna grow.
    Ive had issues in veg state, which were resolved, and plant made a full recovery before the switch over.
    Medium; 50/50 coco and perlite
    nutes; canna a, canna b, pk13/14, calmag
    water; mineral, 56ppm before adding
    Feed ph; 5.8
    Seeds; nirvana's northern lights
    Light; 250wcfl + two 42w t8's (side lighting)
    I have two plants, now 45 days into flowering, planted same time, same seeds, same setups ect.
    One is doing well, not as great as i had hoped but looks like a oz min when done so no complaints from me there.
    The other has gone leaf mad, being there indica dominant i expected that, but the colas have gone wrong in a bit way. They all have the crown, but next to bugger all bud. One out of the 4 colas (fim'd) has what looks like a quater, the other 3 combined id be lucky to get an 1/8th. Theres just masses of leaf throughout the colas! Nothing like the other plant at all. Otherwise shes happy and healthy.
    Ive just trimmed her back quite a bit around the bottom (lollypop just no where near as extreme, not that confident).
    After researching, i found heat stress and over nitrogening during flower can cause this. I know its not heat stress, and my plants are rotated and swap places every feeding. The leafs are a lush dark green on the colas which leans me towards nitro, but im using the canna coco line? I check my ppms and run off and ph, the feeds are upped slowly and only when the plant tells me to do so via run off. In 5lts of water i use 5ml calmag, 12ml a and 12ml b, which gives me around 850ppm which its been on for 2 weeks now and is no longer fluctuting on run off (over 50ppms anyway).
    I noticed that some people go full strength feeds then half then full, i didnt do this i just upped gradually as she asked for it. I dont do flushes as i havnt had any build up and i always runoff 30% of input.
    Anyone any ideas here? Is there anything i can do at this point? If theres nothing that can be done honestly its being removed but its such a waste.
    Shes now approx 4ft high by 2-3ft wide to give an idea of the rubbish yield.

  2. oh and i forgot to mention, the bud productions an issue throughout the plant, not just the colas........
  3. Pics! Pics! Pics!

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