Extreme Lack of love for THE HOBBIT!!!!!

Discussion in 'Movies' started by jtarkey, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. Come on guys, 22 days away and no one is pumped? I'm making some lembas bread weed treats for the midnight showing! 3D 48fps! Should be intense even if it ends up looking like shit.

    Show some love for the (supposedly) clearest, most intense 3D film ever made!
  2. Nope read the book its way fucking better
  3. Oh so you've seen the movie's already? You must be Peter Jackson himself if you've already seen the movie. Glad to hear you think Tolkien is better than you PJ.
  4. It's gonna be awesome. I'm not gonna go high because I want to see if it's actually good, or if Jackson fucked it up. If I go high the 3D will blow my mind and I won't know either way.
  5. Hell yeah I'm pumped! Even re-read the book for like the 9th time last month to prepare :devious:
  6. [quote name='"jtarkey"']Oh so you've seen the movie's already? You must be Peter Jackson himself if you've already seen the movie. Glad to hear you think Tolkien is better than you PJ.[/quote]

    I don't think I know. Hes gonna destroy this book in the movie, just like he did to the lotr
  7. The LOTR films are the best book-to-film I've ever seen, other than the overuse of CGI which really annoys me when I'm high.
  8. Did you read the books?

    There was so much missing, so much changed, characters left out. He made total story line changes.

    I thought they were good, then I read the books and I can't watch the movies without getting really annoyed
  9. I will be seeing these...I've read the book and personally enjoyed it more than the LOTR trilogy.
    As well, apparently they'll be fleshing it out with other parts of Tolkiens other works set in the same universe. It'll at very least be interesting.
  10. I've read the books multiple times. I agree that they missed too much out, especially Tom Bombadil, however I just don't think I could sit through a film for 5 hours.
  11. No book to film adaptation is perfect because not everything translates well to film, but as far as they go LOTR was probably the best. Of course things were left out, and for those with superior attention spans Extended Editions are offered which show just how close Jackson tried to be.

    The Hobbit was the first Tolkien I read so I'm definitely interested in seeing how he handled these, but instead of looking for things that will inevitably be left out for film translation, I'm gonna enjoy all the things he got right and count my blessings that he handled these too for continuity.
  12. I heard you get to see Gollums dick in this one.
    Slimy, slapping back and forth against a wet rock in the dark.
  13. How can you say its the best when huge chunks of the book are missing?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Not even things that won't translate well, blatent huge glaring differences
  14. gotta be a troll, fuck that movie
  15. I read Lord of the Rings but never bothered to read The Hobbit. For some reason I have no desire to see this new movie even though I loved the LOTR movies. The trailer I saw made it look cheesy and filled with bad jokes. Just my opinion.

    Totally off topic... but if you read the LOTR books was anyone else annoyed they left out the part at the end of Return of the King where Saruman comes back as "Sharky". That was one of my favorite parts of the book. Saruman is the shit.
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    then stop comparing the books to the movies ya turkey! im tired of people always saying this.

    in a book you can add every little detail all the way down to what they had for dinner and how much gravy they put on their mashed potatoes. In a movie they have something called DEADLINES and studio limitations. Peter jackson said himself if he could make an exact replica of the books, he would, but its simply too much time and money. each movie would have to be 4+ hours long and return of the king would have to be 6+ hours. it already costs millions of dollars to make one movie as it is, could you imagine how much it would cost for even longer?

    You have to give the man credit, he made 3 beautiful movies within the tools the studio gave him. I doubt any other director out there could have done a better job.

    I read the books too, and i honestly think they aren't even comparable. you shouldn't compare the two anyway, its like trying to compare a one man jet to a commercial 747, one is much smaller, quicker and straight to the point then the huge airliner thats slow and takes its time.

    anyways, the hobbit is most likely going to be really good, watched a lot of behind the scenes footage and the cast looks solid and everyone seems very happy to be apart of it, so im sure their performance will be great. cant wait!
  17. there's always that 1 guy wanting to argue that "the book was way better."

    we get it.
  18. I posted this in one of the other Hobbit movie threads:

    "As far as the LOTR movie trilogy goes, you really have to appreciate the books and the movies separately. If you ever watch the movies again, try approaching them with a different mindset and don't try to match the book with the movie. It won't work, it never has worked, and it probably never will. Everyone does it. You create the setting in your mind when you're reading. Your opinions and views on the characters develop gradually as you get to know them. It's very subjective, and if you expect that the movie is going to turn out exactly like how you created it in your mind when you read the book, you're setting yourself up for disappointment. "
  19. I will argue it for all time.

    Every thread about it be prepared to see me always ready :wave:

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