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Extreme Fat Keef Joints - Wiz Khalifa Style Roll - East Side (Pennsylvania) Upstate G

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Deleted member 455976, Dec 23, 2012.

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  2. Holy crap that burger is thick af.
  3. Looks like you guys had fun! :hello:
  4. lol @ "wiz khalifa style".

    looks okay though. i'd enjoy it.
  5. I feel like that keif on the outside is a waste. Its just gonna create more tip.smoke of.the end
  6. This is why you crop your pictures before posting them :p
  7. the wiz rolling style is easy as fuck i like it when im outdoors cuz it keeps the weed from falling from the paper when theres wind or some shit
  8. How is this WIz rolling style? Not hating but that doob looks like shit.
  9. how come wiz even gets his own rolling style. that's fucking stupid to me. lol.
  10. Hating on the Taylor's. that joint is fat as fuck ad the burger is ever fatter lol. Looks like it was a good night
  11. What's the point in putting the kief outside the j?
  12. Nah not hating cuz..if I told u I knew wiz when he was a regular dude yins wouldn't believe me.
  13. lol. really if someone came up to me and was like TAYLOR GANG BROOO.
    i'd think he was a total faggot and i wouldn't appreciate it. ahhah.
  14. Is that straight mids or am I seeing things?

  15. That's good enough for me.

    woop woop 412/724
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  17. Good job wasting your kief op haha. Imo wes is just played out, and every stoner i know wont shut up about him. I saw a blade on here pay like 60 bucks for a sandblasted china glass bong because there was a photo of him smoking out of one. Cypress hill smoked joints that were huge asssss fuck and had to be a good 1/4 of bud in it. Doesn't mean im going to roll my stash up all at once. .:bongin:
  18. By wiz rolling style he means twisting the end prior to rolling it creating a little boat to hold the weed.. most people learned it from his YouTube vid.

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