Extreme and Early Fading

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ZellGrows, Feb 16, 2023.

  1. upload_2023-2-16_8-31-11.jpeg

    This look alright?
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  2. well you were feeding a bit light . Next round go 10 % stronger with nutrients . . But i would not do anything different right now Keep doing what your doing they will finish good to go . Buds look great !
    Why i say more nutirnets next time . There will be less yelling in this stage , Do not change it now . That would be a mistake
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  3. I have one strain out of 4 that does that to me. I don't feel like changing everything just for one plant so the last 2 times I just let it be, seems fine results wise.
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  4. How early is early? Your bud looks just about done to me. No white hairs left. Have you checked your trichs? I'd bet you're mostly cloudy at this point, maybe even a few ambers.
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  5. You nailed it my dude! I tried going only omri from the fox farm dirty dozen so I really made my own schedule somewhat based off their suggestion. PPMs never got above 700.
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  6. The fading started a few weeks ago, I’m just getting around to taking a picture and posting now. From my eye through a magnifying glass I’m not seeing any amber yet. I figure another 3 weeks roughly. Going to try the 72 hours of darkness before harvest too, any thoughts?

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