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extracting hash/kief into coconut canna oil (badkat method)

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by amateurextracts, Apr 23, 2016.

  1. hey everyone i've been making lots of canna oil/butter with the badkat oven method for over a year and recently started using hash instead. i lie the effects but would like an extra bump in potency. i've hear in the past of people using base batches with low grade trim and then extracting concentrates into the base. (like running your oil twice) my question is does coconut oil have a limit of canibinoids it can store until it won't extract anymore?? would i be wasting my hash if i tried to extract into a batch of already comepleted canna oil or would it all extract? thanks
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    All my work is taken directly from Kats thread..
    The coffee cop warmer is just about the right temp and fit for the small cat food dishes I used to work up my oil an and keeps it nice and hot for the capping part..
    I do 5 grams of hash to 1 tablespoon of coconut oil with about 15% lecithin as the power booster.. It's near the total saturation point of the oil.. Just enough oil to work the resulting sludge when hot.. Much under 150 degrees and it won't suck up the eye dropper.. Using 160 micron dry ice kief from high quality bud it's plenty potent..
    1 size (0) cap will put most people on their ass for all day..
    You could do a tincture with part of your hash and that gives you a triple method of ingesting..
    one gram of hash and one ounce of high proof drinking grade grain alcohol.. A couple of eyedroppers under your tongue or in your beverage is equivalent to a half a doobie..
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  3. It all comes down to what your trying to get out of your edibles. Ive found that bks's method is leaned more towards medicinal benefits. I use her method for my night time caps tho. If you want a more highly psychoactive edible/cap i recommend following psam's method for tinctures and doing a solvent transfer. You could even make a tincture and transfer that to your already made canna oil. Buuut i wouldnt process it any longer, in less you want it to put you out cold fast(already extracted thc will degrade to cbn if process the canna oil any longer w heat). Solvent transfer will include minimal heat so less degrading. Ask if any questions.
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