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Extracting CBD from fan leaves?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Ecliptica, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. I get anxiety from most strains I get on the street. I've done research and I found out it's because there's not enough CBD.

    If I grew plants, not for the flowers, but for the leaves, would I be able to extract CBD from them? Would ISO alcohol successfully extract it?

    At what stage in the plant cycle does CBD go into the leaves? Would I have to wait until flowering to chop? Or would the leaves have CBD in them in the veg stage?

    I don't have access to high CBD strains.
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    there are certain strains that are naturally high in CBD and i don't think it would be there until late flowering stage as CBD results mostly from THC after it degrades, you could check out growing section for more info. As for extracting buds would be a lot better as fan leaves contain very few trichomes if any, and as for iso tbh I'm not sure if cbs is alchohol soluble. A good alternative is dry ice hash which only takes about 5 minutes after grinding up meds and don't have to worry about other chemicals that may not evaporate with the iso.
  3. When THC degrades it forms CBN, not CBD.

    Cannabinol - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    CBD is formed naturally by the plant and is not associated with the breakdown of THC.

    Cannabidiol - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  4. Yeah, I was gonna say something about that, thanks for the clarification!

  5. You may want to peruse this thread at ICMag.com:

    Myths about THC and CBD's - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums

    While it may not answer all of your questions it does present a lot of information (and possibly "misinformation") on CBD. As always, take everything you read on the Internet with a grain of salt.

    My personal opinion: there is too little scientific study of the complex relationships between the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other natural substances in cannabis to simply state that anxiety is caused by low CBD levels in cannabis. So rather than focusing on obtaining CBD you should consider looking for a strain that does not cause undesirable levels of anxiety when you use it. Again this is just my opinion :)
  6. I noticed that most weed gives me anxiety, it usually happens when I get weed that makes me stoned because I feel anxious that I need to do something but to stoned to function and then I think of all these negative possibilities as if the every person I don't know is gonna wanna rob me and I feel like my reaction time would be so slow that I would get ass kicked. I don't live in the best neighborhood so this only intensifies the paranoia, sometimes I even distant voices of people screaming for help that no one else hears. It made me quit smoking weed! And I used to smoke all day everyday! Is there any good sativa only strains that won't have me feeling so slow and that Isn't overwhelming so I can smoke a jay and be comfortably euphoric without being stoned or paranoid?
  7. Check out projectcbd.org great info there. I got chronic pain so like the high cbd strains. My fav. is Harlequin Sat./Ind. 75%/25%. Love that it's Sativa dom. doesn't make me tired.
    check out this video of this Dr. that found out that juicing the leaves is beneficial.
    Leaf - YouTube

    From my understanding THC and CBD are actually THCA(acid) and CBDA(acid) until they are dried and heated which changes the compounds to THC and CBD. THCA and CBDA are non-psychoactive so you can juice the leaves raw and get benefits from THCA and CBDA without getting high since they haven't been converted yet to the psychoactive THC and CBD form through the drying curing process. Talked to people who have tried it and they claim it gives you tons of energy. Haven't tried it yet but will soon. :)
  8. I think I'm going to take some of my leaves from this round with 4 strains. That should be a good test ratio. And maybe I'll leave one of each in a couple extra weeks and see if that changes it hmmm. That's like $400 in testing.

    Where's the best place for testing?

    Mr. Diamond
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  9. Interestingly CBN binds well to the CB-2 receptor for pain patients. The old guys who recommend post mature bud as being good for pain are making a good recommendation but naming the wrong cannabinoid as the outcome of the aging process.
  10. Thanks Asthmatic. I love learning new things and ways to control the plant to create the best exclusive medicines ... or breed the plant to create the best medicine for each patients specific needs. Either way, each patient has different needs and I'm excited to play scientist and find the pheno specifically designed to help with each individuals ailment.

    Understanding the science ... and just as doctors do ...know what works and then go through a little trial and error ... everyone can discover their perfect blend.

    I want to create strains exclusive to my patients.

    Mr. Diamond
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  11. Learn your endocannabinoids then too. Some are easy to get and work like thunder.
  12. Thanks Asthmatic. I will look into that.

    Mr. Diamond
    I love seeds.
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    Is there a higher ratio of CBD in the leaves as appose to the flowers? Reason I ask is I've been smoking some old leaves I cured in a jar and they couch me after maybe two rips, I don't recall the flower being like that. I love how there is just so much possibility with cannabinoids.

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