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Discussion in 'General' started by FearAndLoathing, Feb 5, 2004.

  1. Well, I just finished up extracting 6 grams of DXM from cough syrup. Im probably gonna do 550mg tomorrow night with some friends(also doing 550), I just gotta find something to do/somewhere to go on it. Any suggestions for a good place to chill on DXM?
  2. I presume the comfort of your home or somewhere you are comfortable in and have some pot.

    Enjoy it :)

    Personally though i've never tried DXM and probably won't either, i'm just not attracted to the whole cough syrup stuff.
  3. i took 300mg of dxm in capsule form, and i didnt feel a damn thing, i was angry... Im gonna take a gram for my second try... i really want to TRIP!
  4. thats weird, 300 did a pretty good job on me but i made the mistake of thinking the cough gels would only take like 45 min to an hour to kick in but it took over 2 hours and i fell alseep still trippin. On the subject, ide suggest you just go somewhere ur comfortable or enjoy and just chill and smoke
  5. well i was up for about 2 hours after i took it, and i didn't feel a thing, oh well.. i'll try the actual cough syrup next, and not the gel caps...
  6. takes about half an hour to kick in fully...on an empty stomach...but it's nasty as hell and if you get the wrong bottle, it can be deadly...(acetamophen can shut your liver down!!) :( ...which is why I only do two things now; Smoke kind or drink everclear. But, my time with it was entertaining! A friend of mine had given me a bottle of syrup, so I drank it and then took a shower...by the time I got out I felt messed up. Well, I also had to go out that evening...and let me tell you, the world looks so different when it's dissociated... I had to focus for 10 minutes just to be able to taste the food I was eating, and it took me another 5 just to be able to focus on walking again once I was done...
    fun...but insane...
    Be safe...

  7. 360 miligrams had me gone. And I'm not a very small girl, either.

    Is this your first time doing this, FaL? If so, unless you're all big guys, I wouldn't suggest doing that much the first time.

    I wouldn't do more than 300 your first time.
  8. how did u extract it? i used to be a dex head but stopped cuz tripple c's are too hard on the eyes and i couldnt drink the shit no more
  9. Thats weird I couldnt post for some reason, tryin this out


    Ok, that was weird, anyways...just to clear some things up:

    Im 70kgs, and Ive done DXM 5 times before. Highest dose so far was 500mgs and that was pretty crazy.

    As for the extraction, its pretty easy to do. I picked up all the stuff I needed for it at Walmart, Dollarama, and a corner store. If you wanna know how to do it, check the DXM FAQ at erowid.org, its the "agent lemon" process. or just lemme know and Ill post a step by step guide to doing it. It took me 3 hours from start to finish, and I extracted 8 250ml bottles of syrup. The taste is even worse than syrup, but 550mg is like a shot and a half of liquid, just chase it down with some pop or something and thats it. No nausea, no cramps, no shitty stomach feeling. 100x better than syrup.

    Im all set, picked up some good weed last night but I still dont know where Im gonna be doing it...I cant do it at my house(parents), so its still kind of up in the air. How do you think an outdoors trip would be? (Outdoors as in at a park/forest/creek sort of place) Or a movie maybe? Well, I still have some time to decide...
  10. well as far as tripping on dxm-
    i have tripped well over a 100 times, so dont believe that 50 trip limit shit u hear
    ive tripped inside and out, and find inside to be much better, its more relaxing and u keep it at its own pace

    as far as what to do, well it depends

    what i suggest is gettin a blacklight and a couple of cool posters, my friend has a wizard and a mushroom and some portal shit that we have tried goin through about 1 m,illion times (resulted in a big lump on the head)
    i also suggest bein with a GOOD friend or 2 as it makes it better, dont do it with sumone u dont like that well.
    Also since chances are ur taking it at night and since its a pain to sleep anyway, stay up and watch tv, nighttime tv is great especially trippin, im talkin LATE

    lol i have watched countless things i would never watch sober
    all and all just ride the trip, go for a walk if u want to late at night, thats always fun in the suburbs, just dont carry anything of value on u, if u want any advice my AIM screename is Weedman420BTxPAC so just im me if u want to kno more, i know more about dxm then anyone, i consider myself an expert
  11. All right, I ended up not doing the 550mgs cuz my friends couldnt do it tonight and I didnt wanna do a high dose by myself. So i just took 225mgs like an hour ago and smoked a bowl. Its kickin in nicely now, especially right after that bowl. This extracted shit is nice, suuch a better feeling than cough syrup, I know, same drug but that other shit in the syrup makes it worse somehow, I dunno Im rambling on so Ima go listen to some tunes.
  12. Holy shit, this is incredible. I am sitting on my bed on my laptop with the llights off, headphones on and I am listening to Iron Maiden 666 the number of the beast. I have never heard this cd sdound soc damn good. Oh man I can feel every note goiing thruough me, this rules. Im jusr watiting for my parentsd to go to sleep then Im gonna burn joint. NOT A PRISONER IM A FREE MAN, youll be afraid when I call out your name. Yea yea defienetly peak of my highright about now haha.

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