extra non-germinating seeds?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by gr0wer, May 26, 2003.

  1. What do you guys do with seeds that fail to germ is there any hope for them or are they duds forever? I have some duds that were from bagseed, most of them were still green yet i still attempted to germ them. I have 8 duds left over but ony one of them floats in water, isnt that a test ?? I cant clearly rember reading this but i rember some site mentioning it. burnt... :) So i pulled out the green seeds and im allowing them to dry in the dark on a napkin. Ill attempt to re-germ them when they change color but do you guys think it will work?
  2. hey man .. i know exactly wat your talkin about but alot of people have told that once u tried to germinate them and they didnt do nothin after like a week then there dundilla...that thats wat ive heard keep trying dude good luck im germinating some sees too and there not goin to well but its only been like 4 days soo we'll see later yo good luck
  3. 4 days is while... usualy they crack in the first 24-48 hours or there duds thats out of the 30 ive sprouted.
  4. make sure you try to germ your seeds in a warm place, above 70 if possible, it goes A LOT faster. A sunny window ledge or on top of your refrigerator motor, or on your hot water heater, or with a heat lamp on them.

    I had some that would not germ, warmed them just a little more and they all sprouted.
  5. or behind a computer, thats what i find works best
  6. If they havn't popped yet.....there bird feed!!!!
  7. Yeah give them two days at the most.

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