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  1. During my last grow i added a 3rd 600 watt from day 35 till day 55 horizontally across my grow tanks ( there was also a 600w hps vertically on each tank..) these plant had been treated with superbud at day 1 of flower and where the extra light was the buds were HUGE ...each top cola when dried and manicured weighed between 12 and 16 grams and there was at least 20 in this metre by half section of the room..so adding an extra light at a certain stage in the plants flowering period is very beneficial and cheaper..
  2. curious

    can u give more info like...

    size of garden?
    distance away from plants?
    i see u say meter and 1/2. can u be a bit more detailed?
    by day 35...what do u mean? from clone? seed? start of budding?
  3. Sure mate ...room is 7ft by 11 ft...i have 2 6 ft hydro nft trays facin this way { } in the room with a 6oo w on each when they were put into the trays at day 21 of veg growth under fluorescents. Then give them 4 days more of growth and then on day 25 ( from seeding ) i dose them with superbud ( 2ml per 20 litres,,,10 each ) AND LOWER THE LIGHT CCCLE 12-12 and by day 35 they are huge ( strangely freaky how fast they grow ) i theN add another 600w across the trays sideways
    (^) so i have a U shape over the tanks about a metrelong by half the tank is very brightlys illuminated ( blinding ) these are about 2 foot above plants with a fan blowing constantly across room with outside air blown in as well so nice and cool ( bout 80f )

    These plants are caled Mazar and produce a classic xmas tree shape with huge top colas and side shoots flowered along 5 inhes..almost snapping..

    In the place where i had the extra lighting every sideshoot and top cola had grown to almost the same length ( straight up !!! ) and some were so thick i could just about get ny hands round them..anyway weidhed yesterday and 12 plants gave me 44 oz of perfext 18 % thc bud which smells great

    a great plant...sold by pukka seeds , uk

    let me know if u want more info on feed etc
  4. How you judge your THC content, i have always heard that is a lot of malarchy.
  5. cood be...im just quoting the figures on the lab sheet on pukka seeds.com !! theyve testes them all ( nearly all !! ) and show the average is around 10-13 % , top is blueberry with 18.5%...have a look its good info..
  6. the thing is thc contnt can varay among the same pheno from harvest to harvest dependent mostly on humidity during flower and light levels, among other things. When i was in amsterdam in 2001 they claimed Ice had a 18% thc, then at another shop they claim theirs is only 14% but a much more powerful smoke. Seems like it would be a hard thing to give a true "percentage" of thc content. I guess i wanna know 18% of what? lol :) Just my two cents.
  7. I suppose it is hard to characterize a strength when most good smoke knocks you stupid...but it just seems stronger than the widow i grew and that was strong..so i was going by the chart below i posted...would love to get it tested....
  8. thing about THC is that it's only one of many chemicals in weed, and not the only one that can have an effect, yes it's the chemical that is mainly responsible for the high that you feel, but CBD/CBN is also a major factor, and it's found in higher concentrates in indica dominant plants, it's what gives you the couchlock....lol..........also when harvestyed a plant will have a higher THC content, and give a cerebral high, if not harvested a lot of this THC will become CBD/CBN,..........Peace out........Sid
  9. Serious Seeds claim that all of their five strains have THC content in excess of 20%

    Dutch Passion claim Mazar to be 19.5% THC

    I grow and smoke whatever does for me........

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