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Extra! Extra! TheHempress Attempts to Climb out a Window during her recent DXM trip!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Nella, Apr 6, 2003.

  1. Okay......This was just so fuckin' funny that I had to share this with everyone.
    So, everyone on here pretty much knows Mary, (TheHempress) Nic, (DarkMatter36), Amira (Mirs99), and myself. We all were bored last night, and we couldnt find anyone with weed at 2am so, we decided to do another one of our DXM trips...oh, and we got some morning glory seeds too.
    Mary and Amira went to the Walmart in Epherta while Nic passed out on the couch and I got on the net. Then they come back, and we kinda forgot what we did for like 4 hours of our lives. it was pretty fucked up.
    So we're all in Nics room, and we all think we're starting to come down from the trip....and then all of a sudden, Mary gets up off the bed, proclaims "I've had enough of this popsicle stand" and tries to crawl out of Nic's open bedroom window. She really was going to do it too, we had to pull her out of the window by her feet. We're still trippin balls pretty bad....from the combo of the DXM and the seeds. I personally didnt have any seeds, but oh well. Just, well....It was a very, very interesting trip. We're planning next weekend to do DXM + Weed....We originally were supposed to do that this weekend, but when we had weed, we didnt have DXM. When we had the DXM, we couldnt find weed. So you go figure. LOL
  2. I just got myself semi-composed, yet I am really fucked up... I apologize for any typos or any wierd comments, it's almost 10 o'clock now and I'm still tripping pretty good. Yeah, you guys are great! WTF Mary? LOL! I'm half passed out smoking a cig in my room and all of a sudden I hear "It's hot in here." and you get up to open the window. It didn't register in my head that you were just getting up to close the window, Mary. I asked if you were leaving, and you said "I've had enough of this pop-sickle stand" and proceded to try and crawol out my window... lol! I don't think that's ever gonna happen again! lol... That was great.

    Yeah guys, we've been having some great DXM trips lately... I don't know why it's been doing more for us lately, it's just been better than it was before. Oh well, talk to you guys later..

    The Tussin! The Tussin!
  3. "I've had enough of this pop-sickle stand"

    ROFL! Thats crazy shit... I'll have to try DXM
  4. Actually, from what I can remember, I was only trying to open the window, but when Nic asked if I was leaving it suddenly seemed like a good idea to climb out of the window....actually, at the time it seemed like the best idea I ever had :D

    I wonder what I would have done if I managed to get out the window? LOL, I probably would have just laid on the ground for a while and then tried to climb back in...hahaha, good times :)
  5. hahahahaha thats drugs for you ;)

  6. I still think that you would have fallen head first into the trashcan.

    Oh, and yes. everyone must try DXM.......its the best shit. :D
  7. I agree... DXM is gooood
  8. Now I'm gonna have to try DXM after reading this. Sounds liek fun!
  9. dxm- the matrix!!!!!!!

    Word of advice, dont take 16 coriciden pills at once, ur heart will race and u will think ur gonna die hardcore.
  10. What does a popsicle-stand look like?is it a roadside store you can buy popsicles at or is it a stand to lean your popsicle on?

  11. A roadside little store to buy popsicle's!!!! :D
  12. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha You guys are funny.
  13. DXM is the best i do it atleast 1s every 2weeks but lately the cash is hard to come by for me =p.. but i usllay try and get one of my normal buddys that we hang out with every week to either smoke/drink/trip or just plain out eat sum pizza and chill great times on DXM ..and any sexual things are 10x better kinda like E

    have fun and be safe

  14. I was thinking more of a stand like a stand off, taking a stand for popsicles. who the fuck knows why, thats just what i thought. Funny how people think of the same thing different ways.
  15. Hahaha..this thread is so old!

  16. not the best idea to take CCC at all....the other active ingredient, i forget what it's called, but it's really easy to OD on
  17. Why is a year old thread so active?

  18. too true.

    lmao i thought this was just made. Ah, thats great.
  19. I know people that take like 100-200 CCC's
  20. lol yeah it is. I saw it and thought, "Hempress did it again?" I can't believe that was already a year ago. Time flies here.

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