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Extra curing?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LongDong, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. I bought some schwags or mids im not sure which because it looked suspicious because it had lots of leaves and was pretty dark green but after i tried it, it got my higher than any mids ever have. (yes i smoked around the same ammount) But by chance I put some orange peel in my weed jar and plumped it up real good. Then i took the peels out and smoked every day opening the jar and stirring up the weed. Coincidentally, I think it cured my weed some more because my last little bit of that was drenched in crystals. Im sure those werent there before but i think i cured it some more. Also my last bit of weed was amazing, i got blazed so fast from such little ammount of hits. Is this possible? should I do that with all my weed?
  2. i don't think the extra curing is what got you higher. i think you just got some deceptive weed. its a good thing :smoke:
  3. But visually, the weed looked alot better and the last of it was alot better than when i first smoked it.
  4. I might just be really chopped but I think you just smoked moldy weed, You didn't get more crystals, that was mold growing because of the orange peel.
  5. i dont think so, i know what mold looks like and i kept the orange peel in there for a day
  6. cause all the crystal form the other buds fell off onto your last bud

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