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  1. I was thinking about connecting two papers together and rolling a real long joint for the fuck of it. Anyone ever do this? Or should I just roll two separate joints...?

  2. I say if you asked the question then you must want us to say you should. If you have the weed and thr ability to do it then go for it. If you've never done it before, then why not right?
  3. Okay I just tried it and it really f*cking sucked. Got me pretty f*cking stoned but about halfway through it started to get a little flimsy and way too resiny. I would recommend it to try one time. I feel like it would work much better with some blunt wraps but even then it's kind of pointless
  4. Yeah I hate when that happens, feels like you're smoking resin lol I've tried the blunt before and it worked pretty good
  5. its all how you roll it, you can roll a fatass cone, or an " L joint "
    \tHow To Roll The L Joint
    1. Break up your weed and remove two pieces of rolling papers from the pack.\t
    2. Stick the two papers together at a 40 – 45 angel.\t
    3. Add the roach to the end of horizontal piece of paper. The shape of the papers makes the L joint perfect for rolling cone shaped Joints.\t
    4. <span style="margin:0px;">Begin by the rolling the horizontal joint and sticking down the first paper.</span>\t
    5. After you have finished the first joint begin wetting and wrapping the second, angled, joint.
  6. one time i had only one match left so i put one end of a joint into another and just smoked it as one fatty
  7. Did this today man! Pure 2 extra large skinened fatty; (the brown isnt tobacco btw its the organge hairs off the bud :)
    I think its about a full gram in the large one and .5 in the other! My dealers a good friend and hooked my up with a great deal for £10. And before you ask theres no way its all for me haha, going to smoke out a few of my close friends :smoke:
    i do it sometimes with my cigarette papers but most the time i buy king size papers, if you put 2 king sizes together that would be nice :)

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