extending the "legs" on a weeds high

Discussion in 'Cannabis Breeding' started by ironfaux, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. I was talking to a friend that I gave some herb to and he smoked it with his friend,and it seems that his buddy loved the high and the taste but said it only got him high for under an hour, he called it "legs".
    Is there a way to extend the "legs" while growing, and has anyone else heard this
  2. no help here?
  3. This would be strain genetic imo. You could select for that characteristic in the plant...the same way you can select for characteristics such as purple, potency, height, smell etc.

    I'd do it by growing several beans out, taking clones, and keeping the one that has my fave combo including "legs"
  4. thx for responding, I was thinking along those lines myself, I guess the only way to extend the legs is to keep 3 different mothers and cross pollenate
  5. I guess there must be strains out there that have a longer lasting effect...but you dont hear much about that in reports. seems that most peeps want a quick and heavy hit.
  6. You could just smoke more before an hour passed.:D:smoking:
  7. did you take into account the source?

    some folks just need to bitch.

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