Extended Simple Green Soak

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  1. I just started a month long tolerance break and because of this I am letting my glass soak in simple green. I want to let it soak for the whole month because I figured the longer it sits, the cleaner it will be in the end. Then the thought dawned on me as to if sitting too long could be bad for the piece? Just curious if anyone has thoughts on this. First post by the way so sorry if this is long

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  2. Not sure if I'd let a piece soak for a month but on the other hand I don't like messes
  3. I don't know the nature of simple green. but any labeling in contact could be affected. other then that I think it would be safe. after all glass is resistant to solvents/ other chemicals.
    then there is time, after a certain point the piece cant get any cleaner. but there is the fact that holding/ cleaning a piece doesn't help with a t break
  4. i mean assuming it's glass i dont see why it would have any ill effects
  5. Dude that just sounds bugged out to me, okay a day or two but a whole month?

    It shouldn't have any adverse effects just wash it off real good once your done. i would let it submerge in clean hot water for a while. Wash it with more clean water after if u want just dont drop your glass!

    A simple iso/salt mixture should be enough honestly, there is pipe cleaner you could pick up on Amazon if you wanna take it that far. Imo; hot water and soaking works wonders.

    Best of luck op

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  6. is a whole month of soaking really necessary? I think after a certain point it's just not doing anything
  7. Thanks for all the replies guys. You've pretty much reinforced what I was assuming; that after a while there just isn't a point anymore. I'm gonna shorten it's time soaking to maybe two weeks, if that.

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