Extended flowering for seeds

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  1. I have read about letting your plants flower for longer than normal will produce seeds. I have a few plants that I would like to try it.

    Does anyone know how long they must be flowered? Or rough idea. I was planning to put a small clone (enough for 10-20 seeds) put it in a 1 gallon off to the side and just wait them out til they get seeds.

    Seems rather simple. Has anyone done this or have any experience with this?
  2. A female will sometimes hermie if it isn't harvesyted at maturity but no way to know for sure.
    Best bet would be to keep a male collect pollen and then use it on a branch or 2
  3. when harvesting for seeds, it's best to let the plant age longer than usual to ensure that all seeds to be harvested are mature. I'm not sure about seeds just showing up, they need pollen at some point
  4. That's where I was lost. Basically I was told either put the plant in for an extra long flower or the GA but I'd rather use the silver. But even for that male pollen is required correct?
  5. yes, you need the pollen
  6. OP is talking about hermie nanners popping up weeks after you're supposed to harvest.... i think they only do that if they havent been pollinated yet or something... regardless tho hermieing is just a way for the plant to last another generation and have kids:devious:
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    Well, there went that idea

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