Extacy Roll I'm taking tonight

Discussion in 'General' started by fAKdded, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. I have'nt rolled in ages, probably over a year. It should be a blast, called a friend of a friend, I was told it was straight MDMA, And the price was 45 for 4, Not too bad.

    I can't get a good pic, its just a blurry blob, but it has the Gumby Cartoon on it.

  2. damn dude id kill for that price.

    just got excited cuz x came back to my hometown, but then they told me the price.

    18 per.:eek:
  3. nice nice, i've takin a nike swoosh one and an exclamation mark..I heard the christmas tree one were the best
  4. Ecstacy is an Amazing drug..I love rollin', no better feelin in the world..
    decent price, bit on the pricey side...I got 6 MDMA pills that were shaped like diamonds, i did a couple rails and i was FLYIN! ha..

    Have a good night bro.
  5. damn man have fun tonight be careful!!!!!!!:)

    i hope this isnt r first time rolling

    and also hope you have someone with you doing x by urself would be boring
  6. Sounds like your gonna have fun, id consider doin x, but itsnever really around here
  7. ...Im not sure, but it think it says "i have'nt rolled in ages" and also, "I called a friend of a friend".

    Not sure if thats answering you.
  8. i'm about to get some mercedes trip-stacks...they were like 20 per...any suggestions? (first timer)
  9. pure MDMA aint thizz tho..
  10. i popped a double stack white butterfly earlier and it was gay as shit, it felt like adderall
  11. Is thizz just a term us SF people use? I went on a cruise a few weeks ago and almost not a single person I asked had heard of Mac Dre or the term thizz. Try listening to Thizzle Dance by Mac Dre while rollin'.

  12. Mayne, hellz naw. I live in oregon, and hella ppl here say that shit, but OREGON is right above all that thizzness... ppl bag on thizz here so hardcore... I wish I lived down in the jo or the bay somewhere so bad. It's hard as hell to find a steady flow of thizz or even good ones up here. I'll find a good hook and like, a few weeks later they get busted... and these guys don't do any MAJOR shit nether... just like, a few hundred a month... crazy feds up here haha.
    Theres people in washington that rep dre, ppl all over the u.s. but I dunno about other countries... rest assured, theres folks all over the u.s. smashing haters and thizzin it up with they T'z flyin hi in the sky!!! cuddies say...

  13. *sigh*

    Thizz is MDMA wiht adulterants, and if I hear or read one more person using that IGNORANT FUCKING STACK-TALK, I'm going to kick a small child. Saying a roll is isngle, double or triple stack is DEALER BULLSHIT they are using to get you to pay more money. I don't give a fuck if he's your best homie from around the way you've known since you two were nutstains, it's FUCKING BULLSHIT.

    And for the record, in my experience, any white E pill is shit. Just in my experience.
  14. Wow.. I didnt realize how popular MDMA was.. I've never tried it and never really had an urge to? Am I missing out? Relate it to another drug..
  15. Ahhh dude, THIZZ mayne. I want some right now. My homies got a batch, 1000 Yellow Playboys. He said I if I buy 5 or more I can have them for 3$ a pop :D
  16. wow... trying to relate ecstasy to a single other drug is hard.. you could say it's like being drunk as fuck (in the sense that you get really extreme feelings, you either love someone or want them to go to hell... at least from all the times I did it... and you don't really give a fuck what you do as long as it makes you happy haha... depending on how hard you're rolling your judgement decreases... and the openness of it too, you're willing to tell your life story to a bum if they catch your attention span's tail cause it's way hard to concentrate on one thing.) When I'm thizzin I'm always lookin for something newer and exciting to do... you always wanna do something more intense and fun... I was at prom a few days ago and was off a quad stack(highest grade-in pill form, not mdma concentration) that had the image of the texas longhorns on it... I was dancing up on stage next to the D.J. in front of my whole school... if u knew me, I don't do that shit... I'm pretty shy unless I think Im superior to someone pretty greatly... I ran up there cause I wasn't getting enough attention on the floor haha... I was doing the thizzle dance and the fuckin bird and shit... FEELIN MYSELF IN FRONT OF MY WHOLE SCHOL HAHA... being on exohs are like being clark kent, then taking off those gay clothes and bustin out that badass suit. You don't care about what your wearing, what your doing, what you sound like, you care about what makes you happy... unless your around people you care about then you're all ears towards them and are willing to give your life to them if they want...
  17. eh, different pills/different people lead to different trips.
    i'm not too full of myself on rolls.
  18. the whole thing depends on your atmosphere... when I'm dancin n shit, I dont care bout n e thin... but if I'm kickin it w ppl, watchin movies or jus being chill, you get all hippy lol... I love it... it's like every drug in one... kottonmouth, but kinda wierd, permasmile, I love to laugh and smile and thizz face... simply moving or flexing muscles is awesome... I would love to go work out but I'm almost 100% i'd dehydrate and die cause you never sto... you have infinite energy as long as theres noise to stimulate... headphone and stunnas haha... perfect combo... if you're not in a club with ppl and wanna check out tha wilde side of thizzelle mountain!!! Get the stunnas that are shaded hella from top to bottom... when you kinda roll and bob ur head like waves, it trips u the fuck out cause the colors change... I got one pair that are a purplish tint.. I wear em when I'm giggin and drivin at night haha...(yeah I gig when i'm drivin and feelin it... my system is too sexual to not dance while its on haha... I will say this though...


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