Ex's Bestfriends?

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    So hahah... basically I met one of my ex-girlfriends friends this weekend. Found out she was in fact her "best friend". So anyways yeah long story short she wants to date me or whatever and yeah. The ex-girlfriend isn't so fond of this.

    Question being, do you think its okay to date your ex's friends/best friends? I'll probably get a lot of, "No you asshole!" but yeah.

    edit: if your going to vote can you please leave a reason why or why not.
  2. Depends. How much dirt does the ex have?
  3. Hmm not sure she has any?
  4. Go for it then
  5. Do it.

    Unless you have a small dick and don't want anyone knowing..........hahahaha
  6. bump n' run.
  7. if your ex is a fucking bitch like mine, i wouldnt fuck with it.

    move on to other girls.
  8. I wouldnt do it. I was in the exact situation, although my ex had moved away (we are still in touch) but it was cool with everyone involved after a while, but then turned ugly. The only reason it even remotely could have worked was that the ex was 5 hours away and barely visits. Plus do you really want to be seeing your ex that much?
  9. You're a man, you can date/fuck whoever you want. If you value your ex's opinion or want to keep her as a friend, I wouldn't recommend it though.
  10. sorry man, but this is a dumb question. OF COURSE ITS OKAY. ya'll broke up, obviously you have differences, it is your duty as a man to now date and fuck every friend of hers you possibly can (while not making that your life goal, its just satisfying to do so)

    :) i hope you make the right decision!!
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    haha this is funny man because its really a dick move
  12. There plenty of fishies in the sea..why you got fuck with her friend...Guess shes not that good of best friend..after all eh.
  13. as long as you make them all cum harder than she did, go for it, you want to make sure they brag to her so she knows what she's missing ;)
  14. oohoohoohoo thats good stuff
  15. Ah barfdog and his words of wisdom!
  16. Just do it. If your ex gets mad, tell her to get the hell over it.

    If things don't work out between the 2 of you, atleast you can say you tried.
  17. FAIR GAME IMO... do you still care about your ex?

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