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  1. Hi,

    I'm Mike. I smoke terrible weed in copious amounts. I should be beaten. I like bonghits but have recently been intrigued by the whole "vaporizer" trend, though I am wary of it's alleged benefits.

    I like monkeys and hitting my face on the wall. I like old dirty punk rock and new dirty metal. I like Old country story songs and being drunk on train tracks. I think that the Ramones should have a state named after them. It can be a physical state (like rhode island or idaho) or a state of being.

    1: Dude, you've totally got the Ramones.
    2: I know. I hope my girlfriend doesn't find out.
    1: Dude fuck that, if she doesn't love you for who you are, she deserves to be left on the curb.
    2: While I appreciate the sentiment, I'll not take relationship advice from the guy who got caught jerking off into her panties at the party last weekend. Thanks.
    1: Dude, ouch. i'm just saying she doesn't deserve...
    2: Not a chance in hell dude.
    1: really?
    2: really.
    1: <takes out gun and kills himself>

    See how that conversation really makes more sense when you're high? Well, I did that sober. Imagine me toasty.

    Love me,

    AKA Mike Hawke
  2. :) i like you. welcome to the city monkey lover. :smoking:

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