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Exposing Mary Jane to light...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by greenteabagger, May 26, 2009.

  1. If let's say I opened up my storage container and let sunlight hit the bud for about 30 seconds, will that be enough to degrade the potency of it? Also it was stored in a slightly warmer than room temp area. Any of these factors possibly do something to it?:confused:
  2. dude its a plant... it loves light... its also a rather resilent weed and you'd have to do much more than slight temp change and U.V. exposure to decrease ANY of its constituent chemicals... including THC... so short answer Nah that shit is smoke it.
  3. Thanks brotha. I'm quite a noobie and I didn't want anything messing with my babies. Thanks for the speedy response :):wave:

    EDIT: I'm pretty buzzed on a little right now. :p
  4. its cool man you came to the right place for info to keep your shit nice and fresh...but yeah man in general ... i've found weed like a few months to a year after originally getting it and it still got me high so little things usually don't hurt the buds...Keep on tokin'.
  5. It will dry it out, but I cant say if the thc levels have gone down
  6. This is actually incorrect. If you leave your dried bud out in the sunlight it will degrade potency. Plants could give two shits about light after they are already dead.

    30 seconds of light though? No that won't do anything degrading to your bud, just store it in a dark, relatively cool place.
  7. Hmm. I've heard accounts of heating bud making it MORE potent. One guy said it was a common trick to put it out on a rock in the sun...
  8. I'm fairly certain that heat and light degrade potency in dried buds.

    Where's OSG? The man's a walking encyclopedia of bud.
  9. That's why I said SLIGHT UV exposure. Besides the kid isn't dumb enough to leave it out in the sun ALL DAY or anything like that. There can also be photo-induced potency increases AFTER DRIED as the post above alludes to.
  10. And I agreed that such a short period of time won't harm the weed at all. I was referring to leaving buds out for long periods of time.
  11. Nah bro not 30 seconds like shit an hour or two would be fine. It wouldnt decrease the potency as ^ all of them said but it would dry the bud out. Sometime I leave my bud on my dresser or somethin with the window open and shinin on it. Nother ever happends lol and i havent ever noticed anything. Good question tho man I can see why you would want to protect your weed like that lol. Peace man and enjoy tokin.
  12. 30 seconds are you crazy? People shove that stuff in bowls that are completely open to sunlight and leave it there inbetween smoking...

    Maybe if you left it in the open for a whole day.. maybe.

    Just keep it in a drawer in a air-tight glass jar (you can find some at Michaels for $1.5-4). That will keep it fresh for a really long time
  13. Light does degrade it, but not in short periods. Heat on the other hand can potentate bud more. When marijuana is harvested, the THC molecule is bound to a carboxyl group ? COOH ? that is, one atom each of carbon and hydrogen and two atoms of oxygen. With a carboxyl group attached, THC is not active. Heating dried marijuana makes the carboxyl group convert into water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2). When marijuana is smoked, the burning eliminates the carboxyl group. There are several ways to decarboxylate marijuana for use in extracts. A layer of marijuana buds or leaf can be placed in an oven at 150 degrees for 15 minutes. This is far below the boiling point of THC yet warm enough to evaporate the carboxyl group.

    So basically, heating it in the oven at a temp below its boiling point will "activate" the inactive THC molecules still in the bud. The suns heat probably isn't warm enough to do this though.
  14. It's not really a plant anymore at that point. It's dried flowers from the plant and YES light damages/degrades THC.

    A few seconds isn't going to hurt anything though.
  15. Don't worry about it, man. I've never, not even once, heard of anyone's weed potency going down because of sunlight. Sunlight doesn't degrade any of the stuff that gets you high, the THC, so it's no problem at all.
  16. Yeah you'd have to leave it in full sunlight for a long long time to notice a difference really.
  17. Uhh, the best weed is grown in sunlight. It shouldn't be an issue.
  18. It's an issue after the plant is dead and dried. Nobody said anything about the green plant being affected :rolleyes:

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