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Explosive finale

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by GeorgeSR, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. hey everyone. well a couple days ago i smoked hash for the first time i was freaking baked, anyway the high lasted like 3 hours but the comedown was really odd. i was at a plateau for like an hour and then i seemed to get higher, and higher and higher. it got to where i was insanely high lots of audio distortions- then someone said my name and all of sudden the i came back down like in a second. i went from barely being able to talk to being completely sober in a second... has this ever happened to anyone else? certain strains? Am I just crazy?
  2. Sounds like you should maybe hit up the apprentice toker thread?


  3. Hash is crazy man. First time I smoked it I sat in the back of a car crying because I thought that I found god and was so happy.
  4. Lmao :hello:
  5. Uhh why would i go there, i said it was the first time i smoked HASH...anyway i ask here because people here are more experienced and would know if it happens often or if it was an anomaly
  6. That seems like an anomaly to me.
  7. sounds like one hell of a hookup you got there.

    that, or, yknow, meth.
  8. The seasoned tokers section is a place for SEASONED TOKERS to share their knowledge. Not for rookies to come in and ask questions about why they were totally high then not high all the sudden.

    Seasoned Tokers: Been puffin' for a while? This spot is for our truly experienced smokers. If you're a seasoned toker, please share your vast knowledge of the herb and discuss your adventures with Mary Jane in this forum with other seasoned tokers.

    Apprentice Tokers: This is the forum for you if you're new to toking or you have questions about the herb. If you're new to the City, this forum might be for you, as well.

    Yeah, apprentice tokers sounds about right to me. And who knows dude, you were really high, then you had a comedown. Nobody stays high forever.

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