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  1. If you watch this video -> [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_KuGizBjDXo]YouTube - Destroyed in Seconds- Chemical Plant Explosion[/ame]

    and skip to 1:20, right before the explosion it gets pitch black. Anyone know why this is?
  2. Thats kinda weird, it must have something to do with the camera and contrast I dunno
  3. my guess would be that it was actually so bright that the camera couldn't handle it.
  4. its a conspiracy
  5. It has to do with the brightness of the explosion. The camera auto-adjusted itself to reduce the exposure so that the light from the explosion could be captured, which resulted in light from the surroundings not being captured and made it appear black.
  6. Thank you :)
  7. I think the answer is George Washington

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