explosion in the pants

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  1. yes its that good lol

    so last night i smoked some shit they called Monster Kush. It was orange and hella hairy and dank as fuck.

    anyways good shit i'd pay 20 a G for it. My dealer tells me his cousin grows a shit ton of this stuff and now i just placed an order for and OZ of this stuff for $20
    TWENTY DOLLARS!!?!?!?!

    yea thats what i said. an oz for 20 this has to be shit weed...na not even its legit dro.

    come thru TX boys i'm bout to run this place lol
  2. $20? that's rediculous
  3. that's nothing i get pounds for that price. and it's laced with moonweed.
  4. bro i'm tellin you thats what i said.

    i'd hold up a G and ask if this is wat he meant and he kept tellin me "no seriously my cousins are gettin it to me for 20 an oz."

    i prolly asked him the same question 8 different times. and texted him during lunch when he was sober to make sure he wasn't just giving me a high answer and sure enough 20 20 20 20 20

    i can't really comprehend it right now but when i see it i know i'll cry
  5. lbs? i'll be up in a bit lol
  6. Damn dude! Good for you if that's actually the real price with legit shit, too bad it's not like that everywhere.
  7. Thats fucking sick. But ill believe it when i see it, post some pics when you get it for sure
  8. Dude, that's nothing. I got a pound of LSD for 10 bucks, and proceeded to drink the whole jug. I still think I am a glass of orange juice.
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    Ahaha sorry I have heard to much about that orange juice shit:laughing:

    But if your serious about getting a lb for 10 i worship you man.
    I can't find legit lsd around here its all high school kids who I don't trust buying anything from especially lsd. and its like 5 bucks a sheet maybe.

    BTW- Syzzurp? I see you like your codeine ;)

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