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Exploding Joints!!!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ganjaguy420, Feb 18, 2003.

  1. dude, i rolled a simple joint last night with the shake at the bottom of my weed baggy, and missed a seed that i rolled up in the joint, so im smoking and seeing how long i can get the ash to get, and all of a sudden the joint mini-exploded and all the ash went over me... i thought it was kick ass...
  2. Damn i gotta try that! Sounds like an awesome prank to pull on my friends...
  3. LOL! funny shit
    I'd go CRAZY if I was high n that happned to me!
  4. it sure would be funny, but then you would have a seed in your joint.

    once we played a prank on a friend, he is an ass and takes things in good humor so it was all good. we loaded a bowl all the way up with seeds and put a layer of shake over the top and gave him green hit. oh it was so fucking funny, explosions every where, he sparked the whole thing too, totaly roasted it.
  5. I've done that before. It never fails when I don't go through the weed before rolling!
  6. Yeah once I was really high, hotboxing a car at night, and couldnt see, plus we had just piocked up the quarter, and i put a few seeds in and it scared the shit outta me
  7. If i was smoking a joint and it exploded i think i might quit smoking for a

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