explantion for existence (big bang)

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  1. title should read explanation, sorry anxiety in my typing

    why not

    You do understand that you cannot build a theory with negative evidence?
    Some oc,

    reality encompasses existence.
    Existence encompasses reality.

    If love is clear, then I see through

    Sunday: worship god and attend church

    logic: give thanks to the sun because, we revolve and evolve around it.

    I am her feathers; she’s fly, flyer than you and flyer than me.
    I love her, she loves me too. I love her three times

    To me 'GOD'= mother nature+ father time+ subconscious love. Mother Nature doesn’t care about worship, but, she would like to be respected at least, no littering please. Try to not waste your time with hate, spread love around.

    You want a description? Her body's sickening, I can be her prescription, and I can be her physician. Mother Nature.

    Man talks with god 2000 years ago: blessed prophet
    Man talks with god today: crazy nutcase

    I can see why some think reality is an illusion of sort. A space/time that the observer can really interact with. It all seems to make to much sense, in the sense that you literally, sense reality. This leads to idea that there is a potential purpose that exists outside of reality that governs the laws of reality in the universe. The meshing of everything in existence gives the observer a sense of oneness with the universe, because, as a whole, existence is that ONE flip that lands on potential, rather then non-existent potential(absolute nothingness).

    I get the impression that this universe had a beginning; this is proven by radiation from heat, during the initial reaction, it just wasn't conscious of its own reality until it evolved a consciousness. The human consciousness is the most important we know, because, it's our own. An observer is born into reality with an individual consciousness. We assume that when an individual consciousness dies, that because they became conscious of reality, they can never become unconscious of it. Freewill is relative to the observer. They can think they have freewill or not. 'Nothing' can be proven to exist outside reality of the universe.

    MY explanation to existence is simple; we exist because the universe exists. The universe exists because it just does. The potential of the observers reality is reviled through an observers applied ideas to reality, the ideas that work pass on through generations, as well as the ideas that don't work, not to an absolute truth, because frankly the only 'absolute' truth is that existence exists, instead of nothing existing.

    Something expanded from 'absolute nothingness' to create a space/time reality. The expansion was caused by a reaction. The reaction was because; 'absolute nothingness' can't exist. There is always potential for something to exist, like the universe. This is proven true by our existence.

    Again, infinity is a human created idea. We can not fully comprehend what infinity is, nor can we fully comprehend what nothingness is.

    We can only reason on what is. It really goes no farther then that.
    We can theorize on infinity because we know that pi is a never ending sequence. But can we prove it? No, are life spans are limited.

    How can you get something, from 'absolute nothingness'? We have to assume that something can come from 'absolute nothingness'. This is explained by our existence.

    'Absolute nothingness' is only an idea. It is the fact that 'absolute nothingness' can never exist, that something exists.

    Life is nothing more then potential for progression. You want something to change, then create ideas and apply them to reality. The purpose is what you make of it. Maybe you’re in poverty so your current purpose is to intake energy. Maybe you have a test due so your current purpose is to study.

    The universe is relevant to the observer in the sense that the observer can manipulate the universe to their advantage through applied ideas. Although with many separate observers it is probable that when you manipulate something, even without the intention, it can possibly affect another observer.

    Life is not about trying to become one with the universe or find the light; it is about trying to evolve with it. Spiritual thinking is not going to advance humanity or unlock an awakening within.

    Because, how else does something come about from nothing? The only explanation is there is always potential for existence.
    50/50 flip, eventually you will get something, this is proven because we exist.

    It’s the forces of nature which govern evolution in the universe; it’s up to the observer to understand them correctly(science). not for nature to understand itself, because obviously it can or it wouldn't exist

    God is just an observer created idea, it can't be proven fact in reality, therefore it is ALWAYS irrelevant in reality, it can only be contemplated.

    If you came into existence earlier in reality, say as a farmer, wouldn't you pray for rain to support your crops. Now, we have the ability to manipulate water to fit our needs. Look to the heavens, water comes down from above to fuel us! Praise the existence of the universe. Praise the existence of water.

    Bible- there will be end times, an 'apocalypse of sort you could say', an end to all existence..

    logic- there will be end times, be from universal randomness(say an asteroid hits) or when humanity destroys itself or it's environment (or maybe we discover a way to exist outside of earth) and human consciousness can no longer exist within reality because, the earth environment is the only place known to support the existence of conscious reasoning life forms.

    More re:

    competing realities? Are you saying an individual’s consciousness is not part of the same reality as another individual’s consciousness? I’m talking about human consciousness. I'm talking about consciousness in reality, not that reality is conscious of itself, which it is because, as observers we can see reality is real.

    Idols of mind, good read.
    No, I’m not angry; I’m just expressing my view of reality. This belief in a 'god' or 'all' is contemplated; I might be sure, by all observers. But when you just accept reality and accept that reality is conscious it exists, that reality will never be unconscious it exists. Walah, there is your 'eternal life' or 'truth' that, REALITY KNOWS IT EXISTS BECAUSE IT CAN OBSERVE ITSELF EXISTING. There is no proof that something exists outside reality. Reality encompasses existence.


    Jesus- I am god in flesh, I will have everlasting life, believe in what I say and you will to.

    Logic- I exist because I have an individual consciousness in reality. I will never be unconscious to reality once I am conscious that it exists. Believe that the universe is conscious that it exists and it will always be conscious it exists.

    That is the paradox of existence
    Circular logic (The conclusion of the argument is the same as the premise) [/FONT][FONT=&quot]
    "The bible is the word of God because it says so in the bible."

    [/FONT] its me, i hold the 'key'

    lets all hold this key together

    were hoping for it

    lets make it happen

    be my own leader

    patience is a virtue, but it always hurts

    shut me down, im here to win the crown

    i have a reason, show you what im capable of

    im a soul survivor, eternally

    no drama neither

    just me against the world, i got nothing to lose, stuck in the game

    picture my prophecy

    never be depressed

    theres more i think
  2. basically, science
    Life is not about trying to become one with the universe or find the light; it is about trying to evolve with it. Spiritual thinking is not going to advance humanity or unlock an awakening within. were already awake ok.

    believe you will be conscious forever and you will be

    2nd coming

    if i didn't love you, i wouldn't share this info with you


    50/50 flip

    heads, potential for something
    tails, absolute nothingness

    keep flipping
    keep flipping

    you WILL get potential for something, why? because we REALLY exist , nothing can be proven to exist outside of existence itself

    ..."mind is like the eyes, they can see in all directions but inward.. or a light, that until turned on is not noticed.."

    RE: Your not illuminated by light as we speak? are you sitting in complete absolute darkness or can you spiritual people not get a grip on REALITY? not making assumptions just assuming
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  4. Can you please get rid of all the junk that doesn't have to do with the creation of existence? It might make it easier for people to read and understand :p

    This is what you posted in your other thread that you linked me too.

    You say that 'absolute nothingness' created space/time, yet in this quote you say there was a period before creation. You seems that you are personally stuck in a debate whether there was a time before time, or a time before existence.

    Now with your issue of radiation of heat, yes we can observe the time of the big bang, but that doesn't disprove that the universe could be just re-banging.

    If you believe infinity is a human concept, why do you believe there ever an absolute nothingness? If we go on what we know, Matter can not be created or destroyed, just transformed. Then we must discuss what would have caused Potential Energy to turn into Kinetic Energy, via Big Bang.

    I will continue this in a bit, I have to run.
  5. a non existing period before the expansion i mean, they was never 'nothing'
  6. you can not use period though, because that still implies that a time before time.

    Do you believe in multi universe theory?
  7. a non existing period doesn't exist

    English just for saying it so it makes sense
  8. Once again, Do you believe in multiuniverse theory?
  9. no
    i believe that humans arnt basic

    stop looking for the source, ur going to die and thats when it will all make sense. i take this lightly, i take seriously the youth, how they grow up, LOVE is the answer your looking for.

    and no multi-verse, nothing exists outside of existence itself

  10. dude do you always type like yoda on acid? There could be a multi-verse, you have NO way to disprove that because you are stuck within the limitations of the mental universe which creates the idea that everything can only exist in one place...which is primitive thought
  11. i very much hope you do not take what i am about to ask as a suggestion. if what you are saying is true, why are you still alive?
  12. i love life, thats why, i know my purpose

    i know the ultimate reward so its nothing, it has nothing to do with religion, its non violent logical reasoning. it just wants love

    + my twin died at 1 month, i couldnt do that to my mother, really
  13. i don't see the point in living if its death that brings the answers, yet you seem to love your pointless life. what is it about it that is so good?
  14. because, how can things in the world get worse, my life is not pointless. although at a one point in time i thought it was

    the 'answers' what are the questions? why even ask some questions, god is an observer created idea, believe it or not

  15. Or, god is an idea for the weak to answer questions in which they were way too lazy to look for answer, and this is why the pope looks like he is living in the 14th century.
  16. Wow, this reminds me of when I start to think about it. The truth is, you will just go in circles once you start accepting. You reach infinity, and suddenly the hole deepens. You answer questions with questions, right is left, up and down, there is only one direction, and it is everywhere at once. Truely, you can become insane if you just sat there for an hour or two.

    And it seems you came to the conclusion there is no reason to end it, and even if there was one, it would hurt people, and it could be a hell of alot worse.

    This thread fascinates me.
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    i figure as long as i bare witness, things will only improve, including legal weed, i pray, lol

    i never leave, just believe

    get it right this is my real life
  18. its time to get angry, not like pick up a gun, like angry open our minds.
  19. okay i tried to read all that but i got like 1/5th of it and my eyes hurt... dude try to read what you write and then condense and summarize in your own words so its not such a drag to read

    but idk it sounded smart it mighta made sense
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    ya when i feel like it i will, im bored of working, but cant stop, everything is copy paste from forums im on, im doing research for world peace on forums

    just record me

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