explain yourselves believers!

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  1. [​IMG]im serious. how do you defend this? some of these are kind of dumb but the others are seriously relevant (and hilarious)
  2. I think you're hallucinating, because I don't see anything at all lol. I seen the link when I rolled the mouse over the title, but nothing when I clicked. Link please? I like these challenges, haven't met one that I haven't had a perfectly logical answer to yet.
  3. It worked for me when I right clicked -> properties, and copied and pasted the link in explorer.
  4. I can't wait for the explanation on this one.
  5. [​IMG]

    In order from left to right, top to bottom.

    1.Dogma, nothing to do with God's will.

    2. There are no conditions to God's love, again, this is dogma as a means of instilling fear to gather a following. The Bible says nothing about an eternal hell, although the translation may say eternal, it is not the correct word for what the original word meant. A parent sometimes punishes children so that they will know what they need to do to be a successful and proper person, it is no different with God.

    3. Indeed we have free will to a degree right now, and you are free to do whatever you want with it. You always have a choice, however through suffering and doing "sinful" things, you incur consequences that we know as Karma. Karma is not good or bad, karma is the force that spurs you on towards the true purpose of all life. Doing good things does not bring good karma, it simply helps dissolve "bad" karma, or rather just karma period as karma doesn't really have polarities. If all karma is dissolved, one attains Gnosis, and from there the journey truly begins.

    4.You forget how much water we humans require, it is much more mandatory than food, and as sea water evaporates, it rains down on the lands as fresh water that is drinkable, it makes rivers flow with abundance.

    5.It's not a matter of "too smart", some of the most genius men throughout history have believed in God and were occultists. Man goes through an evolution, at the stage right before one discovers the purpose of life, he is finally beginning to think for himself instead of being told what to think, and he see's no logic to what the Church says, thus renouncing it all and becoming an atheist. As he begins to think on a deeper and deeper level through the various incarnations, his philosophy too becomes bigger and deeper, and his manner of thinking shows to him the existence of God is necessary, and as he begins to strive towards the ultimate purpose, he finds many experiences and laws that only further prove to him this existence.

    6. The soul does not enter the fetus until the 3rd trimester, but when a woman has an abortion, she is depriving that soul of his necessary life circumstances that he needs to grow and evolve, and thus the soul will have to wait longer to incarnate and grow. As for miscarriages, this is typically more for the experience of the mother and father, but too can be for the new born soul if he was deprived of a proper death experience in the past incarnation due to, for example, dying in a loud war where the process was disturbed.

    7.Again, the natural disasters are a matter of the Karma of the world and the mandatory experience to drive man on towards his true purpose, to make him realize that all of Maya's (world of delusion, what most people live in) supposed luxuries are fleeting, and not the way to permanent peace and happiness.

    8.You guessed it, Karma. Hitler in fact was a very high soul, charged with a Divine Mission, and though it was evil by most people's standards, there was much good to come out of WWII. There was indeed some terrible concentration camps, however they were not all death camps, and the numbers of deaths were greatly exaggerated. A simple bit of research will prove this to you, as the Jewish population actually went up a million people in those war torn nations at that time between the start and end of WWII. War Prisons are never a walk in the park, however if they intended to exterminate the Jews, they would have used a penny bullet in the head, not expensive Zyklon B gas that was simply a disinfectant due to the typhoid that was prominent and killed many in the camps.

    9.The "dinosaurs didn't exist" is a matter of church dogma, and not of fact. The dinosaurs were a necessary step towards preparing this Earth for biological life. Man as we are now has existed for around 14 million years, and just because some Bishop tried adding up all the ages, does not make the world 6000 years old or whatever. In fact, the Universe is much much older than 14 billion years, and this will come to the public's knowledge within the next decade or so.

    Hope you enjoyed.
  6. I'm not really sure what there is to explain? I thought it was pretty disrespectful & a lie. In my opinion.

    Do the people who don't believe in God, believes if there "was one", That he would look like that man in the picture??? :laughing: Old man, long flowing beard, white robe, with a judging serious look on his face........

    Explain that to me non-believers!

    And if all these people BELIEVE all these.......

    "Created world for Humans.......70% Salt Water." lol
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    OP, I too love Tool (especially Third Eye ;))! I recommend you listen to the Lateralus album while reading the lyrics. You will realise that it all has to do with experiencing spirituality (especially The Grudge). I'm here if you want to compare beliefs buddy. :D


    FYI: it gets real interesting just before 2/3's done. ;)
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    That was all pure speculation, doused in opinion, and sprinkled with nonsense. I'll have a meaty reply to this when I get to my PC.
  9. Can't wait to hear your "proof".
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    This thread isn't about proof.
  11. Speculation and opinion ay? lol and I suppose you have a more "scientific" understanding of the underlying laws of Nature that science has yet to re-discover.
  12. Let us begin the cross-examination. This is a direct response to Tris.

    1. Dogma IS God's will. How do I know this? Dogma is the belief or acceptance of a religious doctrine. With that being said, Dogma includes such leaps of faith, such as believing in Creationism.

    2. What, then, is God's punishment? If we are to assume that God is indeed a parent figure as you say, then he is an offensively negligent one. If there isn't a reward in stow, what benefit would there be for a "good Christian" to reap? If your answer is paradise, then your point is without a doubt moot.

    3. Endowing humans free will is the biggest failure a "parent" would allow. What kind of self-respecting and good-willed authority would leave the opportunity for its offspring to stray into paths not suitable? A gross misjudgement indeed, for a creator to enable the evolution of the mind systematically, but yet is wholly destructive to its cause.

    4. Salt water is not safe for human consumption naturally. When we look at fish the that inhabit these waters, it speaks volumes in terms of the process of adaptation and natural selection.

    5. Prove his existence, eh? How about enjoying life to the fullest, while increasing knowledge about the world around you for future generations? Knowledge is attained through questioning, and science does a damned good job at answering those questions. When a man gives up his ability to think freely until his dying end, it is shameful. To surrender a certain aspect that controls how you rationalize, sympathize, and understand is quite a foolish feat to accomplish. Men that have "abandoned" the idea of a deity have done so with the very reason that you abolish any thoughts pertaining to Greek Myths. Rationally and logically, it makes just as much sense to abolish the largest and most prominent one of all.

    6. This "soul" you speak of is actually a term we here on Earth refer to as "sentience". This is when an organism is aware of itself. The third trimester is hypothesized to be when this becomes so. Whether or not it is, is debatable. Aside from that, the issue at hand is the contradiction between the laws of nature and the laws of God on this particular subject. To minimize the occurrences of miscarriages, while shutting an eye to the truth in such a way is a bit unnerving. You must understand if I'm a bit underwhelmed by your comment.

    7. By saying that, you're COMPLETELY ignoring the facts of the matter. To say our personal decisions are what dictate when natural disasters will arise is a bit demeaning. I admit, I like the rhetoric you use, but it is simply fiction. There's not enough gay marriage or premarital sex in the world that can cause a tsunami.

    8. This statement mentioning the population is pathetic. War torn nations other than Germany and Austria were HAVENS for Jews in seek of refuge. When you have an entire country looking for you, you're bound to migrate. Ya think? The rest of your comment is a bit misguided. You seem forget to account for the Polish, as well.

    9. Fair enough.

  13. :hello:

    I don't know if that smiley is supposed to be a guy waving "hello", but I put it there as a guy clapping for this awesome response.
  14. I apologize for the bad writing style of my response, I wrote it in a rushed manner as I saw no use of taking my time to go in depth, knowing it will be futile, and those worth typing it for would understand the message clearly enough.

  15. I liked most of what you said. The only thing that gets me is how confident you are in what is truth and what is not.

    That's not to say I disagree with you, but I don't necessarily agree with you either. How can you be certain about what happens before lifetimes and after lifetimes? I could be wrong but I don't think you remember.

    Also, I like the idea of occultism, but there seems to be a lot of dogma-like stuff that comes with it. Like if you dont follow the guideline for meditation exactly, than somehow you are less of a person than someone else. Atleast thats how things come off when you describe them...maybe it's your agressiveness.

    I just like the ideas of peace, love, and non-Judgement.

    When you add the organized religion aspect to it, I feel labeled and limited.

    I think things are as simple as detaching from the mind and moving into awareness and observation. When you do that everything is at peace. You don't need the perfect technique to meditate, you don't need a master holding your hand...you simply be your true self, in the present moment and that's all you will ever need.

    Wanting anything more than existence IMO isn't necessary. Nirvana can be reached right here, right now. Just become present and aware.
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    And you are by far one of the most ignorant motherfuckers I've ever had the displeasure of discourse with.
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    Ok thanks for the response. That makes more sense now.

    Also, I knew what Nirvana means. I was just using it as a metaphor. Although we could get into the whole "there is only separation if your mind creates the illusion of separation" debate, but I don't feel like wasting your time or mine :D
  18. Hello all you fuck heads:wave:
    how did your brain turn to mush?
    over compensation in words is the first sign of a weak foundation, for your argument.
    That is all:D
  19. What does that even mean? Things require explanation, it's how debates are done. I gave nothing more than a short paragraph at most lol. I guess the theory of relativity is weak cuz theres too many words for you to read. But hey, what can ya expect from a wannabe gangster

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