Explain this Zong .. ?

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  1. Ok, so I got this today, not caring about names.. But I still find it a little odd that there's very little mentioned online and talk of fakes.. old ones.. they're out of business.. So can anyone say anything about this 10", $75 purchase?

  2. 75 for that?

    I got a 40$ GonG version of that. From ALT
  3. Lol not even GonG. Waste of money.
  4. yea damn man i would not pay 75 for that sorry buddy
  5. Like everyone else has said, not worth anywhere near $75. If you haven't used it yet try to get a refund.
  6. really?

    cmon, like, really?
  7. Ouch bro, $30 tube with a sticker maybe?

  8. please explain this ALT?
  9. Epic ripoff, not even a zong.
    Dude take it back and get your money back.
  10. It's not a bad piece except for the lack of a glass on glass diffused downstem and different bowl, it looks like it would hit pretty hard. I wouldn't pay 75 for it...but it will still work.
  11. Well, I wouldn't say they're out of business per se...

    Zong Glass: Zong Art Glass

    Take a look in the online catalog, there are pieces in there that kind of look like yours. Maybe it is a legit Zong. The only thing that's not legit is the price you paid. Oh well, live and learn I say...

    Also interesting to note that it appears that blue dot and zong are one in the same.

  12. God damn their website is shitty! They need to put some money into a new one, because that literally looks like something I made in 5th grade using DreamWeaver on a purple iMac lol.
  13. Yeah what a big rip off. you could have got a gong 10" ehle setup for half that price.

  14. Aqua Lab Technologies its a cali based medical supply site.
  15. The place that sold this was also selling identical Blue Dots so somehow, they probably are related.

    As for those saying I paid too much.. That's just the way it goes.. I'm not complaining. There's only 2 stores within 60 miles of here and both have us by the gonads. I didn't want to order online so I accepted the overprice before I drove to buy it.

    Compared to other even MORE overpriced pieces, I based it on appearance and preference. I wanted thick and small and this was the best of what 2 different stores offered.

    And I don't think it's supposed to be a fake Gong.. or have any relation..

  16. LOLOLOL@ Purple iMac
  17. way over priced in my opinion. i have been looking for other sites similar to A.L.T. anybody know of any?
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    Lol, glad you got a kick out of that...I was hoping someone would :D!

    Even if we did we're not allowed to post them here.

    I dont get why GC is so strict about that rule, yet people link to EDIT and ALT and ETSY all the time. It's like there are other, secret glass sites that GC doesn't want linked to lol...weird :confused:!
  19. Update: I just got done putting a test bowl in and am satisfactorily high off just a few rips.. The whole purpose in buying this was because I was tired of blunts, joints, AND vaporizers.. Zong, dong, or pong, it does the job nicely. I think I'm about to start saving on weed with this.. Smooth hitting too..
  20. Hey, fuck it as long as YOU are happy with it, who cares what others think...

    Rip away my friend, rip away...:smoking:

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