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Explain this Verse

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BongsOverHoes, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Is there anyone who can explain this verse?

    "I grab a Swisher Sweet and use my fingernail to cut it
    Gut it, then I dump the droppin' out then stuff it full of coffee
    And if you don't know by now coffee is kilo
    In other words weed a fat dime is a pillar
    Now the buds on the stems are like trees in an orchid
    Anybody in the room who don't smoke weed is gettin' torch lit
    By the smoke *****s choke *****s cough and they fart
    Need to quit it but they still tryin' to hit it too hard
    It's the..."
  2. Devin is my dude.
  3. Coffee is coughee. Coughee = weed. Coughee is kilo... Kilo is killer/ killa aka weed. Everybody in the room who don't smoke weed is getting Tortured by the smoke.
  4. LOL who rhymes orchid with "torch it"??
  5. let me get my hooked-on-ebonics first
  6. what the shit is this
  7. Why are they farting while they are coughing?
  8. you got that Fart kush
  9. Cause he couldn't rhyme "Yo, I pee when I sneeze".
  10. "...and they fart." What kind of shit is that?

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