Explain this one?

Discussion in 'General' started by smokeytheburr, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]

    Friend sent me this.... make sense of it.
    I now suspect him of having an amputee fetish XD.
  2. Looks like that horse has an amputee fetish...
  3. Photoshop.

    A bizarre photoshop at that.
  4. Thats what i thought.... but yea it is fucked up
  5. hmmmm. strange.
  6. can you honestly not tell that is photoshoped?

    look at the grass edges around the horse they are done horribly
  7. Id fuck her :D
  8. definite rail.
  9. hahaha kinda fucked up. kinda funny.
  10. id tax that shit. she looks like she wants it.
  11. Tax means steal, you mean hit, right?
  12. id tax her, as in take what shes got.
  13. :smoking:
  14. I'd fuck her and take off with her leg
  15. This shit reminds me of this porno my friend showed me one time....

    This chick had NO limbs, just stubs,, but she had a bangin body... At least, what was left of it.... She was just laying there.....

    shit was weird.... :confused:
  16. Pretty sure I've seen a pic of that on 4chan

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