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    My plants are 3 weeks old, into vegetative state. They never ever received nutes.
    See my gallery if you want pictures.

    I bought nutrients in pellet form which I wish to dilute in water ( they are meant to be mixed with the soil )


    Instructions on the box :

    Mix 120ml per 1m^2 of surface.
    Spread deep within the first 3 inches of the surface

    yay wtf do I do with that? Doesnt even say how many waterings the pellets would last. So Im resorting it to diluting everything in water.

    How silly is that? Different nutes can have different %-%-% The instructions behind may vary in quantity. I've looked in the stores. it's never really the same thing either.

    So what is the ratio I need to reach MIXED WITH THE WATER!

    Example :

    1 gallon = 8.3lbs

    1.38lbs pellets = 1/6 of 1 gallon

    Nutes = 6-12-12

    1.38lbs pellets + 8.3lbs water = 1-2-2 nutrient water.

    Am i right?



    What is the ratio I really want in my water?

    I will add 1 part urine per 15 parts water to compensate for the low N.

    How much nutes per water do I want?

    Frankly I havent found a single thread that says I need "this and that" in my water at my current stage. They only say you need to go smooth on nutes, you need to use 1/2 or 1/4 of whats written on the box.

    WELL SORRY. I'm in a bad mood :p I want NUMBERS, not blahblahblah
  2. If you are in the vegetative state you need nutrients high in nitrogen like a 20-10-10
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    I would be real careful hydrating your time released nutes and then applying them with your urine, Bro.........the time released ferts are meant to break down over a set time, and you could end up over dosing your plant/plants. There probably isn't any data on the package to tell you whether you will need to mix say 1 gallon of water to say 1 tsp of pellets or whatever you may end up doing. You could end up making a concentrate that could burn the shit out your plants, or, conversely(but I doubt it) make a diluted, watered down mix that has no effect.

    I wouldn't take a chance on your math being wrong....just my observation. Don't you have any fertilizers available in your town? I don't want to see you risk ruining all your hard work. Will the store you bought from take returns on the pellets? Anyways, I'm hopping off my soap box. Good luck bro......hope it all goes well........chunk

    BTW....couldn't find your gallery, wanted to see your girls.
  4. It seems you are trying to over-think this, and you are forcing yourself to do so because you are trying to cram a square peg into a round hole. Time-released pellets are not intended to be ground up and diluted into water, that is the starting point of your problem. Since they aren't made for that, you don't have instructions on how to mix when doing that. What you need is a granular water-soluble plant food mix and the manufacturer's instructions that go with it.

    On these ferts, don't pay attention to the specific NPK numbers. Those numbers represent the percentage that each ingredient makes up of the product. Instead, pay attention to the ratios of these numbers, which is to say their concentration relative to each other.

    For example, what's the difference between a 20-10-10 fert and a 10-5-5 fert? Most likely the instructions for the first will tell you to use only half as much as the instructions for the second do, that way you end up with "nutrient water" (as you are calling it) that is at the right mix. That's why the numbers are always different on different ferts, it is up to each manufacturer to produce their mix as concentrated as they want. Which is exactly why you need their mixing instructions, so you end up with a properly-balanced mix for feeding.

    The key to the ratios of the numbers is very simply, for veg you want the first number (N) to be equal or higher than the others and for flower you want N to be lower than the others.

    Don't use the ground-up pellets, you have no idea what strength you would be feeding and could burn/kill the plants.

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