Explain the exact steps to flushing a plant before harvest.

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  1. do i flush the day of harvest ?
    or do i do it 2 weeks in advance ?
    should i flush them with ALOT of water at once, or a litttle over the 2 week period ?
  2. you stop feeding 2 weeks before harvest. give them a little molasses to help them put on weight, probably once or twice in the next 2 weeks @ 1tsp per gal.

    with about a week left (provided your plant isn't sucking it's self dry from phosphorus deficiency) you give it a decent sized flush, and that's up to you really. flush appropriately to removed excess salts thus inducing your final deficiencies.

    If you use a clearing agent, you can procrastinate a bit, flush with that a little more than a week out, then flushing again with water a few days before you harvest. Hopefully you can get it to begin to dry out before you chop'em down.

    You don't want to shock the plant into deficiencies all at once. You want to go deficient by the time you harvest, not be deficient for 2 weeks. You still need to grow buds in that last 2 weeks and a good amount.

    they will still use a decent amount of phosphorus, and will do better if given some carbs (aka molasses (blackstrap or beet, unsulferized)

    compare the back of the molasses at the grocery store for nutrient concentrations. pick whichever one fits your needs. I opted for brer rabbit brand because I have plants that suffer from osteoporosis :p (calcium deficiency).

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