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  1. So I had been cleaning out for about three weeks because I knew I had to get a new job, but im a 280lb man and I had been smoking concentrates HEAVILY for years and still failing at home tests. Decided I would just go to one of our many head shops and buy a bottle of Quick Fix 6.2 . Got home and made a make shift inner thigh holster for the bottle with an old beer koozie and some duck tape. Duck taped it to my inner leg and put on some loose fitting overalls to hide it best possible. Activated the heat pack about 20-25 minutes before I left the house. Followed the heating instructions and put the warm bottle and heat pack in my thigh holster (use the normal cap not the quick flip cap), off to the testing facility I went (30 min from home). Got there, signed in and waited 5-10 minutes for the lady to call me back. Got in the room and put my belongings in the lock box, she left the room and I reached down in my overalls pulled my quick fix out of my holster and filled up the unusually large cup then pissed into the toilet for effect. Temp gauge read 98 and the whole process only took about a minute. I opened the door and she returned to the room, caped off the urine jug and put it into the E-screen machine and said the employer would let me know the results. All in all couldn't have went smoother. Later that night I'm sitting in my easy chair and looked at the quick fix instructions still sitting on my coffee table, noticed that it had a batch number that I hadn't payed any attention to earlier in the day and it said to check for expiration date. Went to the website, typed in the batch # and sure enough -EXPIRED. That's when the panic set in. Looked all over the web for someone with the same experience and didn't really find any info except for the shelf life of Quick Fix (12-24 months if stored properly). After 5 days of waiting and worries I got the confirmation that I got the job so apparently it worked fine on the E-SCREEN test. The batch number was ST183D43A so I'm guessing it was brewed up 3/18 and expired 3/19 because the minimum shelf life is 12 months. Hope this helps ease your mind if you find yourself in the same situation.
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  2. Same situation, here I want this job so i went to test, get there left my lost my id so I went to dmv to get new one on the way ro dmv i get pulled over by cop im like FML , cop say is that a phone in your hand and i was like i was not on it i glance to see what time it was , he was like ok well i wont give you a tick for the license but I am going to issue you a citation for the phone, Im like ok your just doing your job he lets me on my way, I get to the dmv no picture available for my license , they give me a temp printout without picture. I go back to testing facility clerk wont accept my temp id, i show her a photo copy of my current license she still wouldn't do it, she calls the background check people who call my employer to get permission to go ahead with testing, 1hour later after a few back forth convo im cleared to take test. Earlier before entering building I removed heating pad from quick fix because temp was over 100, after
    I tucked it back in my pants and 1 hour later I take the test. temp was around 94 outta the bottle and just above 90 when i put it in specimen cup. old cap decides to fall out my pants i played it off saying where did that come from picked it up threw it away no suspicion, lab tech hands me my paperwork and I left relieved that the worst was behind me I decided to check the batch number from the yellow slip when i go t home, low and behold the batch number was expired and I am freaking out. this thread give me hope same boat though batch is from 3/18

    will update when I find out
  3. So same thing happened today. Hit with random at work. Had to use expired synthetic. Didn’t realize till after it was. Expired in a year and website says two year shelf life but checked the number and expired. So what happened with you? No news is good news?

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