Expired Pronapacet and Alprozolam

Discussion in 'General' started by Mr.BunglEsbong, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. Hey so i raided my grandmas medicine cabinet the other day and came across some meds she definitely no longer needs. The ones that interested me were pronapacet (or darvocet? im not good at reading labels) which said for pain, and Alprozolam which said for anxiety.

    Im about to check Erowid for them i was wondering if any of you could tell me anything you can about these meds, the pronapacet are big red pills and the alprozolam's are little white ones.

    Also both are several years past their expiration dates, is this important, are they safe? The pronapacet were dated for 2004 and the alprozolam's for 2003.

    Any info would be fantastic, thanks!
  2. Darvocet is not worth it. Its next to codeine. But alprozolam is xanax. Thats good, you should start with 2mg of xanax, then do 2more if you want to

    The expired date is fine. In one thread on here someone said their mom was a pharmacist, and the only reason they put the expiration dates is to get people to not abuse them. Although they could possibly be weaker
  3. Xanax huh? Whats that like? would interactions with parents be wise on xanax?

  4. It is definitly a bad idea to talk to your parents on xanax. Its causes memory loss pretty easily so you might accidently tell them the same thing twice:eek: . As for what its like, its kind of hard to explain something like that, but ill try. Its kind of like your a zombie almost(atleast to me). It just takes away my cares for a few hours. I find myself ALOT dumber and I zone out alot. If you drink on em your guranteed to get wasted though I wont reccomend it.
  5. Sorry for replying to my own thread so much but i have two last questions (and im abit baked). Is the pronapocet totally useless or just kinda weak and is physical activity real hard on xanax? cus i have a (semi) active day planned tomorrow. But i wont have a chance to smoke til i get home, would they hinder me too much?
  6. The darvocet arent totally useless, as long as you dont have an opiate tolerance. They never did much for me. And on xanax I become alot more social so I like to go out. But if your planning on playing sports or something Id say dont eat em. Some people get really tired on bezos
  7. Alright i'll try them tonight and decide about tomorrow after, thanks for all he info man a definate + rep

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