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  1. I just bought an 04 Eclipse and don't know shit about putting mods on a car. I live in alaska where we usually have shitty weather, so i'm not to worried about my speed performance. (It's fast enough anyway) but right now I want to start customizing the body.

    I was curious about buying body kits online. It looks like it'll change the appearance the most with the least money. I plan on changing everything; wheels, spoiler, hood, everything. But is a body kit a good start?

    If I do go about buying one online, do I need to tell them what color my car is so they can paint it the same or what? Or do I have to do that myself? And is a bodykit something I can do in my garage with minimal tools, or should I bring it to a shop?

    Thanks for any replies and tips :wave:

    edit: Added pics. Thats my truck also

  2. well You could install a bodykit in your home garage but to get that proffesional look you'll definatly need to go to a garage so they could make it look sleek. About the telling them your car color etc. i dont know i bought my bodykit at a local speedshop so.
  3. Just find a good she-clipse forum... ahem sorry, E-clipse. Just messing with you. Forums are a great way to learn about certain cars. You get to see all the common problems and normally a means to correct them. Other than that, you get great ideas from other people.
  4. I personally think just about any body kit is fucking stupid. If I were you, I'd wash it, buff it and wax it, slam it, throw some nice 18" rims on it, and tint the windows, but that would be it.

    I wouldn't slam yours though, since you probably get a lot of snow. Keep your stock rims too, and put them on in the winter. You don't want salt and shit getting all over your nice rims.

    Also, leave the stock spoiler on it. Most after market ones look ridiculous.
  5. Man, from an experienced tuner, dont waste your time on body kits. not only will nearly all the ones online look like ass, they will be made of cheap materials which will crack and splinter upon impact, even a light one. dont waste the money on that rubbish, with paint and install and modifications that i guarantee will have to be done to get the kit to fit right, your looking at maybe upwards of 2g's of work... for no additional performance. if your really set on just pimping your ride, go for it, but i doubt any tuners will be able to offer much in the beautification department, most tuners who are really looking to seriously modify a car will be focused on engine work suspension work and the likes.

    if i can offer my own humble opinion, i would suggest several things that you can probably do to your car for under 3000 dollars, and not only gain a sharper look to the car, but also better performance, which is really what tuning is all about, everything else is just pimping out your ride.

    first of all, id get a good set of suspension parts, either separate shocks and springs, or a complete coilover system. Not only will your car drive completely differently, it will handle far better than stock and the car will be able to be lowered to your desired height, and may totally change your thoughts on getting a body kit, which would probably end up scraping the ground once the car is lowered. companies to look for are tein, eibach, tokiko, koni, skunk2...

    second, id get some lightweight wheels for the car. none of that chromed out heavy ass 30" BS, im talking like some nice 16-18" wheels which are meant for performance, not looks. youd be surprised how much better looking most of the performance wheels are then their cosmetic counterparts. companies to look for are Rays, Roja, BBS, or any of the other tuner wheel companies.

    after that, you need tires. pretty simple, but tires can make a big big difference on acceleration, handling and a number of other things. this is all personal choice and also dictated by the size of your wheel.

    after wheels and tires, id look for some kind of short ram or cold air intake. even a drop in K&N filter would be a good start, but nothing beats a brand new intake. companies to look for are AEM, K&N, HKS, Injen

    then, if your still feeling the itch for a little more, you can go with a cat-back exhaust system. the advantage of a full replacement exhaust is that you can choose your piping diameter, and all the parts are normally stainless steel and mandrel bent. companies to look for are Megan Racing, HKS, Apexi, Skunk2, DC Sports and many more.

    if your still interested in doing some body mods, id highly, highly recommend that you stay as far away from body kits as possible. instead, look at things like Lip kits and sideskirts. there should be a selection of many nice looking lip kits, as they fit onto the stock body parts that are already installed, giving the car a slightly lower stance and often enhancing and exaggerating the lines of the car. Another thing popular right now for its looks and its weight saving properties is carbon fiber. check out some of the replacement CF parts you can fit on your car. if you are buying parts online, dont buy anything that isnt a name brand. when getting car parts it is extremely important to research and read reviews of parts before buying them. check the forums, see what other people say abotu the parts, and especially, how well they work and how easy they are to install. i have had a lot of nightmares with bad parts that dont fit and have to be returned and replaced.

    if you have any more questions feel free to ask, im always willing to help a potential tuner out.

    oh yea, and NEVER EVER REPLACE YOUR TAILIGHTS WITH AFTERMARKET ONES. youll thank me later. another good rule of thumb for clean looking cars is to make them look as if the parts that are on it came stock. i dont mean sleeper, but the best looking cars out there, all look like they came that way from the factory. no fancy scoops, no wheel well air vents, no big front bumper holes for nonexistant intercoolers... that stuff just looks tacky, and most people who buy bodykits not made by really high end companies who aerodynamically design them in windtunnels, end up replacing most body parts with their OEM (stock) counterparts for a cleaner, more factory look.
  6. I think all that needed to be said, has.

    I will add this though.

    You'll regret trying to put a body kit on it. Everything else aside, experienced car people are going to look at you and laugh when you have a garage installed body kit in six different colors that doesn't match up anywhere.

    Spend your money on basic performance mods, intake, headers, exhaust, chip, and a tune by a decent professional. Then like, retroshark said, a suspension upgrade would be in order, and right there you'd have a decent car with a little bit of go that doesn't look like it came out of someone's asshole.
  7. Thanks for the replies. Glad I asked around before seriously concidering a bodykit. The top main things im thinking at now are; CF Hood, Lipkit, exhaust (not a horribly loud exhaust, a nice deep rumble sound). I'm gonna keep my stock rims for now, maybe get some nicer ones this summer. But I gotta get some winter studded tires aswell. As for suspension, that's probably a next summer thing aswell. A bit pricy for right now. I also found some pretty good priced cold air intakes on Ebay which I will probably buy next week.

    Of course on top of those, i'm buying some minor things. Blue LED Shiftknob (obsessed with blue lighting :p) blue halo lights, maybe some underglow. (seems kind of cliche but whatever). I can't find any decent LED gauges though:mad:

    Thanks again, still looking for other stuff. +rep retro :hello:
  8. the deep rumble you think of as the exhaust, is actually the sound of a modified intake. the rule of thumb is, if you increase the intake you increase the exhaust, and the same goes for whichever you install first. one shoudl not be without the other, unless you choose to run just an intake. just an exhaust will sound raspy, like a can of bees being set on fire with a big fart.

    and man, please, please PLEASE dont run anything with blue led in the name. dont run neons, they will break on you and yoll end up having to replace so many of them, and those halo lights, dont even get me started. they are so much worse than stock lights, they have the worst imaginable light emitting proporties, and the "projector" they use are just cheap lenses, not real HID projectors. if you HAVE to replace your headlights, look into a company called TYC. their halogen projector headlights are considered to be up there with the best of the aftermarket lights.

    as another rule of thumb, dont buy any generic parts on ebay. i can already see in my mind the intake you are thinking of... DONT GET IT. the cost of the intake is all in the filter. the piping is cheap as shit, its the filter than can cost upwards of 120 dollars a piece. my intake cost me 200 and it has lasted 3 years with no change of filter as of yet. the filters you get with ebay intakes will crumble, deterioate and eventially get sucked into your engine and most likely destroy it. DONT RUN EBAY PARTS!

    i promise you, if you buy cheap parts like neons, led shift knobs, led gauges, and atermarket halo headlights, you will end up breaking something on your car. what is even worse than that would be to fry your stock wiring from sapping too much power to uneeded neon lights that only distract other drivers and can get you a Fix it ticket in some states.

    pleas man, dont go down the path of rice. all of these things are considered to be "ricer" or pretty much just cheap, piece of shit fast and furious gimick parts:

    halo lights
    body kits
    led's on anything
    aftermarket gauge faces
    anything from ebay that is not a major brand

    if you really need help finding exactly what is a good and bad brand, id be happy to help, if it saves you from buying something that messes up your car. none of these ebay parts are really tested for quality, they are made cheaply and quickly, and dont go through much R&D before being released. i have seen so many things go wrong with ebay parts, its really not a joke, steer CLEAR away from cheap parts.

    and my last piece of advise, and i hope you really take this to heart, because this is pretty much THE moral compass of car tuning...


    halo lights are exclusively a design by BMW. very few skilled HID headlight retrofitters have managed to custom retrofit BMW halos into their stock headlights with great results, but buying a product that advertises itself by the fact that you can make your car have BMW style headlights is always a BAD decision to buy. please heed this warning, it will save you money in the future and your car will run better, look better and be much more satisfying if you use authentic, high quality parts.
  9. well, any of my experienced car tuning friends would tell you to work on the engine instead of becoming a ricer :rolleyes: ... but i myself aint a big car buff so i cant help ya out
  10. pm me if you really want to talk to an expience engine people my brother works for lotus at the factory and im a factory rep for cummins here in california i work with people like banks, bully dog, holsett, garett( air research) brembo & K&N to name a few everyday and can teach you all you need to know. or listen to retroshark hes go you on the right path. bodykits(unprofessional) and neons belong in the movie not on street cars.

    oh and heres a good rule of thumb, your car will be ALOT faster if you skip all the bling bling bolt on bullshit on go for REAL upgrades. but its all in what YOU want, all show and no go? nahh didnt think so man....
    so if you want a real race car the mods go like this

    1. Brakes
    2. Suspension
    3. Engine ie. hard parts, cams, head, pistons (turbo or na?), rods, bearings, oil pump ect...
    4. tuning, you computer is most important
    5.intake/exhaust ( again turbo? or na?) and intake as in manifold not the useless k&n on top some pvc piping.
    like i said pm me its really hard to see where you going and what you want out of the car with what you wrote i could go on for days.
  11. Body kits are so 90's when they're all outrageous with no purpose. Fast and the Furious came out a long time ago! your car needs a lip, and some wheels. Maybe work on your suspension but dont touch the looks :)

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