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  1. So this is one of my 3 bud bud bling tsing. I grow her under a 150w HPS with a t5 adjacent to it. Temps are normally 85. A few days ago I had to raises light due to my leaves canoeing up. After I moved the light the leaves relaxed a little bit but now I have yellow spots in the leaves of the newer growt. Can anyone help me please.

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  2. Any sort of nutrients being used yet? Could be just stress from overheating. 85 is a pretty hot temp at all times, should be at least 10-12 degrees cooler optimally. I would say keep them watered and cool and let them bounce back a few days, if the progression of the yellowing continues to worsen then if it's not a result of the high temps, then it'll likely be a P-K-N deficiancy. Seems too young to be encountering any sort of issue like that just yet but with a little more info maybe can help you some more. Still looks fine though man! Cheers
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  3. Thank you. She's 3.5 weeks now. Just used Alaskan fish on her last Saturday about half a cap for a gallon of water. I'll drop the temps more in her grow cab and see if that help. Thanks a lot!!!

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