Expert seed bank legit?

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  1. hey everyone
    I’m so glad I came across this forum. I’ve been reading threads for days. I’ve already learned so much.

    I am looking to get started. I came across a few websites

    Expert seed and seedsman

    Also pacific seed bank

    Both ship to my state of course. But how reliable are they? Have any of you used them?
    I’m looking at the Bruce banger feminised seeds and the expert gorilla seeds

    I’m looking at afghan kush from pacific seed bank

    I don’t plan on ordering all the seeds through three difference places. I just don’t know which place to go to order!

    Any information would be greatly appreciated
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    Haven't heard of expert seed.
    Heard some nice things about seedsman.

    Have good experience with seedsherenow, TH seeds as breeder

    Seedsherenow although they don't seem to sell single seeds
    I may buy a 5 pack from them for next outdoor grow.

    Then I possibly may grab some high THC strains from Barney's farm for the next indoor run

    Also looking at Canuk. But they seem to charge like 30bucks from CA to US

    May look more local
  3. Greybeard Seeds. $5 shipping inside US. Had my seeds in 4 days. They carry many Seedsman strains As well as top breeders and their own private reserve

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  4. Grey beards good prices. Better selection. Dangerous though! Could spend alot of time looking thru this site!

    I like it
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  5. I have a 28% CBD strain in my cart there.

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  6. Nice guys. I’ll check those out

    Dangerous why? Because there’s so much to look at on the site ?
  7. Dangerous because I could be out doing lawnwork but instead I'm seed shopping
  8. lol!! Ahh, that makes sense

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