Expert Outdoor Growers - I need your advice!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by schmokeit, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. Hello Experts,
    I'm a newbie grower but I totally lucked out my first time around from what I can tell. Here are some pics of my plants. How much longer should I wait to harvest? Thank you.



  2. looks nice.... I think it still has a little bit to go.....

    get a pocket microscope and get a good look at the "Trichomes" (the crystals on the buds and leaf) and when the are all either milky colored or amber Not Clear!

    it is ready to harvest....

  3. Thanks Andrew. I am totally psyched. Initially, I thought all 4 of my plants were males but it turns out they're all females. I started them late too! The end of June. It was much easier than I anticipated.

  4. mann those girlys look like their almost ready to me if you dont have that little MICROSCOPE (like me) i just usually wait till at least 85% prcent of the hairs turn red then thats ABOUT the same time the tricomes are ready for the harvest some people wait till their buds are almost completly coverd in red hairs.. hope i could help:smoke:
  5. wait until it looks like it looks like it is dying, it started flowering in mid aug right? then wait 8wks STANDARD to mid-oct, pick a bud or two and practice and see how it is. wait.
  6. sweet pics bro i have a plant that looks almost identical for real. its in a thread title outdoors 2007 if u care to see. so after seeing your pics it looks like you could wait another 2 weeks or so like me till harvest
  7. Go to Radio shack and buy a 10 dollar pocket microscope.

    I got one yesterday and I am now convinced.

  8. >convinced
    I'm with you bro, today i was looking at my trichs and yes it is eye opening. I think looking at the trichs would keep from the sin of picking early, for no good reason, except that the plant looks full. they say the bud can double in the last two weeks.

    LET's hold and wait two more weeks and see if that is true. Actually, i have a few buds dring on the dashboard right now in a tin, and i plan on picking a few more next week, and so on, and get some practice under my built for drying. then out of my girls (less than 9), i'll let one or two go go go to the very end, through a few frosts, see if that couple of z.'s is danko.

    a few years ago, the outdoor grow i had, the buds were so compact and cheesy and so rich and strong aroma, not like the storebought junk i am forced to puff on normally.
  9. Looks like your going to have some good smoke this year.:D
  10. I'd say between the second and third week of oct ... don't pull it premature whatever you do.. it's just not worth it.. when your finished the glands will be swolen up and most of the hairs completely red and shriveled. You can get a microscope and look at the trichs.. .. but yer probly not going to, so just remember that it won't be before oct 15 ...
  11. I should probly add that I am no expert outdoor grower.. this is my first year. :)
    But I watch all my indoor ripen all the time and it's the same thing!
  12. Hey Everyone,
    Thanks for the info about the "trichs". Picking up my pocket microscope today at Radio Shack (Thanks for tip Wonka) which will cost me $11. :hello:

  13. niiiiiicccceeeee!!!!!!!! dude.... they look like thy will be done in a week ar 2 at the very most. wait till 80% of the hairs turn color, then chop em and cure em. If they go too long your thc content will drop dramatically and FAST!!! It will go from DANK to scwagg dude... sweet though!!!!!! keep it up.
  14. If I wanted to harvest for mid August, when would i have to start it

  15. Unless you get a strain that finishes that early it really isn't possible.

    most outside plants flower when the days start to get shorter.


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