Expert: Islam Taking Over, Europe Soon To Be Unrecognizable

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Tom79, May 28, 2013.

  1. According to Dr. Mordechai Kedar, European softening, together with demographics, is leading to 'abysmal' change. Dr. Avika Libman: Riots start with preachers demanding Muslim state,7340,L-4385024,00.html

    "The murder of a soldier in London, the stabbing of a soldier in Paris and the violent outbreak in Sweden – Europe's alarm clock has been ringing once again over the past week. The negative birthrate compared to the increase in Muslims, the heavy unemployment and the social-religious isolation of European immigrants are all back on the agenda.

    "Europe has lost its will to live as Europe," said Mideast expert Dr. Mordechai Kedar to Ynet. "It is gathered into museums, into history. If the leaders will not put an end to immigration, we will soon be hearing the death throes of the continent as we know it."
  2. See, this is the thing, if the same thing was happening in America, nobody in Europe would give a fuck. That's why nobody in America gives a fuck, because we're all ignorant cunts at the end of the day.
    Somethings gotta give!!!
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    You want your state to go enforce your style of anti-islam in England? is that what you are trying to say? 
    To Tom, obvious bigot is obvious bigot.  Your hatred towards islam is not constrained to to isreali interests alone I see.. You poor victim you! 
  4. lol ... Im just posting the news which they posting the facts thats going on in europe ... Im not against islam, im against the acts that the extreme are commiting in europe... lol i dont care much, they are the ones that needs to handle it... (Europe)
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    Islam is, in no way, taking over Europe. I was talking to some of my friends the other day and we all realised that none of us know a single muslim person. Now, obviously, it's all about geography, but the Muslims are not (nor are they trying to) taking over europe.
    Also, the article that you linked is from an Israeli news site and I trust nothing that the Israelis say about Islam.
    On closer inspection, the so-called "expert" to whom you refer is an ex- Israeli intelligence officer who worked for the IDF for 25 years. I'm sure his opinions on Islam are entirely unbiased.
  6. Isn't like 5% of Europe muslims? Which is saying that 95% of Europe is not.
    What a lame takeover.
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    You inspired me to look it up, they've certainly failed at taking over europe:
  8. Apparently the 'really bad' countries like Sweden are 90% non-Muslim and we are supposed to be scared?
    Kind of off topic but I will be in Europe very soon and it is pretty exciting
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    The crazy thing is that a lot of people in Europe are starting to get scared, particularly here in the UK. The media is whipping people into an anti-muslim frenzy.
    Where abouts in Europe? It's quite a rainy place at the moment, so don't expect nice weather!
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    Mordechai Kedar, is an israeli citizen, i wonder why he is so interested in muslims, maybe its because israel generally doesnt like them, so they are very quick to spread propaganda against muslims and he has served 25 years in the israeli intelligence service, doesnt seem like a very unbiased fella
    does anyone see the irony of the jews surviving the holocaust, setting up a state, and then starting to spread anti-islamic propaganda, as much as they can, it seems like they are heading the same way that germany was
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    Do you think there will be serious repercussions resulting from this?
    I will be landing at Heathrow, chilling for a few days. Then Holland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and France... the works basically.
    I think the repercussions will be serious and far-reaching. Since the recent attack in London, attacks on Muslims have increased by 1000% across the UK. People have actually firebombed a Mosque and it barely made mainstream news. Not only have people started lashing out at Muslims, but all immigrants and minorities in general. The media is really going to make it a problem.
    Sounds like fun! They're all brilliant places, particularly Holland!
  13. OP, stop watching the news so much and go to therapy.
    Dang, that is terrible. That is the problem with the media, they encourage that mob mentality. Why minorities in general? Some people must have some built-up anger.
  15. The problem in some parts of Europe has nothing whatsoever to do with Islam. It is an immigrant problem. Same as in the US.
    The countries that are experiencing difficulties like the UK, France and Sweden have had an influx of immigrants who came in search of a better life but have found themselves living in ghettos and the result of this is all kinds of social problems. 
    The bigots have tried to make it about Islam but the dogs on the street can see what the problem is.
    The guy who killed the soldier in london was a black Muslim, so not only are people hating on muslims, they're also hating on blacks. Furthermore, his mother is Kenyan (might have been Nigerian, can't remember), so people are get very anti-immigration/xenophobic, despite the fact that the guy who did it has a clear London accent. 
  17. Islam has a very obvious "Don't wrong us or we'll blow up your fucking house" policy. I think it's pretty obvious that the U.N. are just throwing gas on the fire by continuing the invasions, the bombings, the forcing of democracy... let those people do what they want. I'm so sick of seeing the US and UN in general trying to police the world with what they think is the "right way" to do things... If we stopped treading on their land and killing innocent people, they'd have no problem with us. It's the fact that the US has killed somewhere in the million(s?) mark of muslims all over the middle east.
    Ignorance and tyranny are the UN and US's two slogans, I swear...
  18. I see. I do hope this will subside before things get really out of hand.
  19. Things like this can never be taken into account without someone worrying about the color/religion/core beliefs linked to ethnic backgrounds or ethnic history. That being said, I feel that while Islam in itself is not a cause of hate, it's being portrayed as such. I don't think all Muslims should be attached to the image of "Islamic extremist" as this article claimed, and even if these people feel like they are being mistreated in some place other than their homeland, then there is indeed a problem that isn't being address with all cards on the table. I honestly have no idea how Muslims are treated in Europe, but if it's anything like how they are treated in the US, then once again there is a problem for both ends of this community.
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    Who gives a fuck.....religion is a perverse falacy perpetuated on society as a form of control. Its lies and everyone who wants to survive after gaia cleanses the earth of the poison that is the human race in general needs to embrace living off the land. Off grid living is how individuals who can advance human civilization like me will survive and persevere andbring us to the new age of Aquarius.

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