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  1. okay so i saw this realllly crazy good deal on this plant food today at walmart, its called "Expert gardener: Azalea, camellia & Rhododendron" it also says on it 'deep feeding formula....and its for i guess all plants.... it is 30-10-10 and i was thinking of adding double the ammount of water to make it 10- so is this any good? or is that to high for vegetative ?
    Thanks alot city!

    oh and here is a link....
  2. Koooooooooooooooooooooooooooooook!!!
    Get yer anti detection foil yet for your 400Watter ?
  3. is that kooky? im diluting it to a 10-3.5-3.5....i could do more to like a 7.5-1.2-1.2 ............. but im just woundering if this food is bad...if it seems like it has chemicals in it.........or if its just... oh i dunno please someone know?
  4. come on 19 views and someone has gotta know...anyone? please is this good for food or not? i dont wanna have some chemical all male buds lol
  5. It actually says 33-11-11...

    Not specifically familiar with this. All in all probably OK. Shultz is a good brand, and the tilt towards nitrogen is good for veg. If I were shopping for plant food, though, I would grab one that is listed as general plant food or one specifically for tomatoes not azaleas.

    Yes it has chemicals in it, it is a synthetic plant food. H20 is a "chemical", don't let that word scare you.

    I can't see a good zoom-in on the box, does it say it contains micronutrients? That would be desirable.

    It also says it is good for acid-loving plants -- I wonder how acidic and what that means for the plant food formulation anyway. For example, if the food is designed for very acidic soil to release the nutrients and you use it in more pH-neutral soil does that unbalance the nutes?

    "Deep feeding formula" is probably marketing b.s. All water-soluble plant food is deep-feeding, as deep as your water will go!

    I would start with 1/4 strength, build up to 1/2 later.
  6. i think mine is just like last years or i dunno maybe thats why it was marked down to 1$ for 5lb's of it!......but ya its for azaleas or w/e...

    ummm i think it does have those micronutrients...slight memory of reading that somewhere today....and ya those will help my plant so i think i made sure it had them cant realy remember tho lol.

    Hmm i dont know if it will offset the ballance of the nutes.....if it gets to acidic, what can i do to lower the pH?...but im going to be diluting it by like a double amount of water that it needs... or no wait 1/4 like you sed so i will probly just take it down to really low something like 5-1-1..

    Thanks alot man you always seem to be very helpfull! and others have to :)
    thanks lots
  7. This fertilizer is no good. If it is for acid loving plants don't use it. Pot is NOT an acid loving plant. Also diluting it won't change the NPK values. Just get some fertilizer that is mean for vegetables like toasty said. Better yet, go to and order fertilizer specifically meant for MJ. If you do go with Home Depot type fertilizer, use 1/2 of what it says on the directions as your full strength fertilizing.
  8. okay..thanks. i was just hoping i could find a cheaper kind....i dont really feel like spending 20$ on some more stuff...i have already spent around 400$.....on just other stuff...well probly like 450$ cause i had like 650$ in my bank...and now there is 70$ left...and like 150$ went to weed and a new pipe/ ya....quite a pit and ya i guess i will make it all back in the end....does that fish fertalizer work any good? its 10$ for like a one gallon thing of it and its alll natural and is like 5-1-1....would that be any good for vegatative? just sick of such highhhhh prices just for fertalizer for mj..20$ wow....well its not like way much but meh i guess if i get desperate enough....when do i start feeding the plants nutes and ferts anyways?!?! after germanation...or 2 weeks after they have sprouted after soil...?
  9. Yes the fish stuff will work. Start feeding about 3.5 weeks after they have poked through the soil.
  10. Something like organic fish emulsion will kick ass.

    If you're looking for cheap I would suggest Peter's 20-20-20 with micro's, probably about $5 at Home Depot, Lowe's, Wally World, etc.
  11. ok i will probly get the fish stuff...i herd that fish emultion REEKS ASS!
    And is the brand of "peter's 20-20-20" just "peter's"?...i dont think i have seen it before,,,oh and i would need to dilute that right? like i would probly need to add 3 times more water then it says....
  12. k well im taking that stuff back...i got some blood whatever its called soilll....or not soild i forgot the whole name but u mix it in the top 2" of the soil and its called 'blood sumthing....' and ya 1 has sprouted and has 2 verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry small leaves. another sprouted as well still in soil and i noticed it snaped in half just where the root and actuall like head part of it meet...well slightly more on the root spot...will that heal? cuz i bet it will grow back a root or sumthin...hopefully...but meh oh well i still have the other one that has the barely white root poking out...and then 5 more still germinating....i was SOOOO STOKED! like no idea how stoked i was......oh and ONE BIG what point will your plant turn male or female? cause i dont want mine all going male earlllly at like 3 weeks...
    thanks again

  13. You wont be able to determine sex until you turn the lights back to 12/12. Lights should not be turned back to 12/12 until the plant is mature (alternading nodes) usually at about 12 inches tall.
  14. Oh okay thanks guys!
  15. IV used this same shit outdoors and keep getting the same results every year...they turn into trees!...literally 7-8ft tall and stumps as thick as a baseball bat. Buds as long as my forearm. I'm in the far northeast and I don't use anything but this and cow shit. 12-6-6...i just stop use after a few weeks of flow
  16. You can determine sex well before inducing flower. The plant will preflower in veg as it matures

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