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  1. hi i'm just a beginer grower i havent worked out how to tell whats wrong with a sick plant

    so far ive learned that if the leaves are droppy water seems to fix that so everytime i see that happen i know its underwatered but what about all the other symtoms

    partial yellowing of the leaves
    brown/orange/yellow coloured finger tips
    dark green dry skinny leaves
    ^^^^^^^ what do they all mean????

    the problems ive listed is the only problems ive seen theres probably more problems if so please tell me about more problems and how to fix them
  2. There is a sticky at the top of this sub forum labeled essential plant nutrients. Read that, it will answer a lot of questions. If you are just looking for general information, then use the search function, lot of good info already out there. If you have a specific problem post a pic so we can better help.
  3. It sounds like you could have a few things going wrong. You need to give us more information. We need to know the grow medium, what nutrients are being used, temps, lighting etc etc.
  4. no mate i dont actually have them problems at the moment but i have had them before and i'm sure it will happen again in the future i wanted to learn about common problems and how to fix them so when it does happen i know exactly what to do,

    i do know that druppy leaves i'e hanging down means it needs more water i only know that because after been watered the leaves spuce back up again not hanging down but id like to learn about other issues and what corrects them

    my Low budget grow journal in my sig tells you what i have and so far what ive done
  5. Over watering will also make your leaves droopy.

  6. i've just found that one out one of my plants is ill now i dont know what over or under watering is fook i hate been thick :( think i should of been born with blonde hair

    searched online for the difference but theres nothing i can find i ask on here and get told to go somewhere else ohh it does my head in a,m just gonna have to stop asking about stuff its not helping at all

    thanks hydro
  7. Over watering means you have watered too much. Under watering means you haven't watered enough. Pretty self explanatory bro. Not to be a douche, but if you are having trouble understanding that, then you are going to have a very difficult time understanding a lot of other aspects of growing.
  8. Judging by the pics that you have in your other thread,i would say your plant is suffering from being hella root bound. You need to transplant to a bigger pot as soon as possible. That tin can you are using is way too small

  9. there in 1.5 gallon pots i dont leave the house so i gotta get stuff brought to me as this grow is a secret locally i cant ask friends to get stuff for me because no body knows about them, i've got more problems mentally than you will ever guess
  10. You need a 5 gallon pot. They sell them at home depot for a few bucks, or you get a smart pot online for a couple bucks more. Your plant will not continue to thrive untill you transplant it.
  11. I kindly disagree. Your plant being in a 1.5 gallon pot is not the issue.

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