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Experimenting with home test THC panels

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by 89138913, Oct 24, 2014.

  1.  I am a super light week smoker. I take maybe one hit a week. Maybe if I have a few days off I'll take 2 hits. I have a shit load of home test panels which I experiment with. I'll take the test an hour after, then two hours after, and so on. I still pass the tests! I find it hard to believe i'm passing under the 50ng gate immediately after smoking. I am 35 and in pretty great shape. I don't have a six pack but i'm tall and lean. Thoughts?

  2. 1 hit a week may not be detectable. I admire your courage bro.
  3. Yeah, it gets really confusing with all the inaccurate information out their regarding this topic.  I just need a sanity check.  Thanks for admiring my courage.  Not sure how I'm being courageous but i'll take it :)
  4. From what I understand.... it takes a little time for the THC-COOH (byproduct of smoking-detectable in urine) to be transferred into your fat cells and bladder.... a non smoker could probably smoke a joint and still pass a piss test, directly after smoking... smoke and then test yourself in a day or two....
    I am very curious as to what you can find out but do some different experiments. I would do the same thing if i had several piss tests sitting around. I would love to figure out a way to just completely baffle these tests. That would be awesome haha.
  5. Hhhhmmm makes sense.  I just took a 3/4 hit last night (yeah 3/4 and tested 22 hours later for the third time.  Just a faint line showing negative.  I also took a 2nd test before bed last night and the line was fainter than before but it was still there but the lightest I have ever seen.  I took a hit previously before this one which was 7 days prior.  I truly believe the closer you are to 50ng the lighter the line, even though I can't find that fact anywhere.  Only thing I can find is any 2nd line faint or not means under 50ng.  I am super healthy and eat very, very clean.  Veggie smoothies, fruit, almonds, chicken breasts, turkey...etc.  Very little sugar or bread.  I think that variable is important as everyone is different.  I wonder if one hit a week will eventually build up or do I completely get rid of it by the next time I smoke?  
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    I would say it depends on your metabolisim which seems fast from your posts... which is good for metabolizing THC but I think if you smoke weekly it will still build up... and remember a faint line is still a line so unfortunately its over the threshold... i wish we knew a way to just clear our endocannibinoid sensors--like cookies in a computer-- but we just gotta wait lol...
  7. Seriously, legalize it already.  Actually, a line indicates negative result.  So a line is good, well 2 lines anyway.  One line indicates the test is working properly and the 2nd line indicates you do not have THC over 50 ng in your void.  If there is no line at all then you popped.  Have a good weekend!

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