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  1. I know, I know, yield is going to be weak but this is just for my own curiosity just to see if it can be done, and done correctly. If I walk away with a smidge I'll call it successful. So far I am quite pleased with the progress! I started out looking for a computer server tower and found one on eBay for real cheap. I also found some computer fans lying around, and bought some 6500K CFL's as well as some 2700K CFL's. In total I only spent $75.00. I gutted the tower, wired everything up and installed a shelf to keep the plants about 2" from the lights. So far as of right now, I'm on day 12 of my grow and there has been no stretching and the temps stay around 80 degrees. I'll attempt to upload pics as attachments, let me know what you think

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  2. Cool Man, Hope you get some buddah. I think really small grows are pretty neat...
  3. Thanks, Relixx, as you can see the plant is growing, and I just found a thread here about placing a banana in with the plant because the ethylene gas supposedly should influence the sex of the plant to be a female. So I just placed a banana in with the plant. Since I only have one I need all the help I can get in getting a female.
  4. ya looks dope, i'll be watchin. seem to know what you're doing.
  5. Right on Chemicalcomfort, and thanks I'm gonna try and keep up with the pics and info. I actually have a small 35 watt HPS bulb but no way to power it and not even sure if I want to deal with the heat issues. So far it looks like it's going ok, right?
  6. I figured to take a few more pics, now with the banana. I'll tell you what, this thing has doubled in size since yesterday. Let me know what you think!

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  7. looking good and will watch this. Server tower huh? might have to make one for my little cuz that wants to be stealth about it lol
  8. Thanks Mjboy! Yup, a server tower, picked it up used on eBay for around $40 with shipping. It's doing the trick, however it's an older tower. It's the kind that both sides and the top all lift off at the sametime so getting to the plant is a chore. I'd rather have the kind that just the one side slides off, ya know, but those were more expensive. Let me know if you need help setting one up.
  9. So, so far everything seems to be going ok. I'm only 15 days into vegging this plant and I'm happy with the progress. The plant is getting bushy and I'm starting to notice branching at the nodes. However, I'm starting to notice something odd. My plant isn't growing straight up it's actually growing in to the side, kind of like it's LSTing itself automatically. I'm worried but I'm not at the sametime. That and the leaves have a weird shape to them as well, like have the plants leaves look normal as they should while the other side of the plant seem deformed like the elephant man. I'm not sure what's going on but the plant looks healthy other than the weird leaves. I'm wondering if keeping a rotting banana in with the plant is contibuting to the weird growth?

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  10. whoa dont leave rotting ones in there i dont think, i think you gotta keep replacing lol

  11. Get that banana out of there man, buy a co2 pellet or something. Stick a bamboo skewer or another stick 3-5" away from the stem and then use a twist tie or a garden tie to gently wrap around the base of the plant and bring it back upright. Ignore the elephant man shit for now.
  12. The banana must be green for the most gas to be released. I tried it when I grew one plant. it became female. Not saying it works, but it cant hurt!
  13. Ok guys thanks, the banana is gone. The plant is healthy and all it's just got this 45 degree orientation going on with itself. I dropped the shelf that it sits on an inch or so to allow the plant to straighten out a bit. we'll see what happens I'm suure it'll be fine but it's just funny looking.
  14. This is just an update to keep those watching informed. I got rid of the banana and have the plant leaning against a pencil with the lead side up for obvious reasons. When i get around to it I'll replace the pencil with a straw or something. Anyway here are some pictures. See how the leaves are like curled and distorted looking? This is an odd plant. I'll see it through but any advice is appreciated I water it only lightly every 3 days. Temps never exceed 82 degrees.

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  15. move the pots down abit, im starting to think it may be heat stress
  16. the plants show no heat stress, although i agree if you have them 2" from the light get them to about 5", what kind of soil is that? have you given them any nutes?
    They look very healthy to me, sometimes plants just get that elephant man syndrome, she will grow out of it. but you need to get some info on fimming and topping to control the grow. i would fimm her now. look for dierwolfs sticky he explains it well and it suites your grow. good luck man, looks like fun...:smoking:
    looks like a indica dom strain to, was that bagseed or do you know the genetics?

  17. Budslinger, Thanks for the info. I have moved the plant down to around 4-5" from the light. The dirt was some cheesy store bought brand that I mixed with some perlite. The nutes I've used only once just recently is some junk I had found in the basement, but it's 20-20-20 and contains trace elements of copper, iron, etc. I've used it before with no issues. I just start it out at 1/4 strength and build from there. I just started using it two days ago. I will certainly get the info for fimming and topping because it's getting big quickly. As for the strain.....I have know idea. I got the seeds from my old hippie friend who's pushing 60, so yeah....bagseed nothing special. All I know is this better be a female or I'm gonna have to start all over again
  18. Here are pics of pre- topping and post topping.

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  19. the plant could be drooping either from lack of water too much water or the pot it's in is much to small and its root bound.

  20. The pot could very well be too small, but like it or not that's where it's staying for another 3 weeks.

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