experimental photo II

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by since93, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]

    elephant man?
  2. dunno...
  3. It looks like the blur effect is giving you a funny face. Hold on, I wanna draw it.
  4. More or less what I see


  5. Hahahaha:)

    Nice drawing!:wave:
  6. no blur effect tho....and i love those drawings...:smoke:
  7. I started chuckling when I saw this.

  8. got andy on me...:)
  9. it just registered (being quite stoned as i am at the moment)...you drew that thing FAST huh?!?....bravo
  10. haha it took me like 5 minutes with photoshop.
  11. my bad....the guy/girl who drew it....yeah, YOU digitized it pretty fast alright...photoshop is a great thing though i try my luck on sumopaint....
  12. haha fkin cool how u guys just made taht art together
  13. Who says stoners aren't productive? :cool:
  14. "...Who says stoners aren't productive? [​IMG]" - indeed...

    "haha fkin cool how u guys just made taht art together" - totally :smoke:
  15. +rep for team work :smoke:

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