Experimental lighting 14/10 during flowering for 1 week only.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by azcactus, Oct 23, 2012.

  1. Ok, so after some discussions on another thread about 12/12 lighting during flowering and why it is the industry standard and then a poster saying 12/12 is the "best", I have decided to try a 14 on/10 off during flowering which has been since October 1, 12/12. The discussion was like 12/12 is best, but know one could tell me why it is the industry standard.
    Long story short, a poster said 12/12 is the "only" way to go, but they said more light during flowering equals bigger, denser buds. If more light causes bigger buds, why not throw more light on it? So I am doing the 14/10 for one week, from 10/21 to 10/28 and then will swing to 10/14. Last night I went and looked at my 3 plants, and HOLY COW I have multi buds that were not on the plants Sunday, other than just small flowers.
    I don't know if the light cycle change made the difference or if it was the blackstrap molasses I have been adding to the water for 3 weeks during watering. My 3 plants consume 2 gallons of water every 3 days at this point.
    Anyone else ever done an experiment like this "just to find out?" Of note during tis cycle I am running my 600w digital ballast at 75%.
    I will post pics later today after work.
  2. This is by far not the first time that this light theory has been brought up and promply proved wrong and not done anymore. There are a few holes in your theory and im going to try and explain them.

    For one the "fact" that more light during flowering equals more buds is utterly and completely wrong. During the longer night of winter flowering hormones that are normally being depleted by light are allowed to build up. If anything you should give your plants extra darkness not extra light. That will kick the flowering process into light speed. OH SHIT WINTERS ALMOST HERE

    Lets just be realistic and be consistent with your plants don't change there light schedule just because and definitely not flip here flop there. This is unnecessary light stress that will down the line cause hermies and all sorts of problems down the line. Would you like it if every week someone just randomly changed you alarm clock to weird hours of the day?

    I am more then impressed to see that at least there are still experimenters out there. Just please there are things to try and things that have been tryed. Why try something that doesnt work and may possibly ruin your crop. BTW im dieing to see these pics
  3. I have a little different take on it...

    It's true that you want as much light as possible...up to the point that you can still keep them in flower. Too much light and you can tip the hormonal reaction back to veg, which you definitely don't want. So how much light is that exactly? Impossible to say because every strain is different, even different phenos can vary. 12/12 is the standard because it is the "safest" recommendation one can make that ensures a good amount of light but still enough dark to keep any strain in flowering.

    14 hours of light could be too much and revert your plants back to veg. I'd rather stick to 12/12 and know my plants will stay in flower than to try to squeeze an extra hour or two of light for questionable gain but at some risk to my entire harvest.

    As for growth you seen the past week, that could be due to the fact that your plants have had an additional week to grow, that's all. To know if it was due to your light cycle change you would have to have a large selection of plants (several hundred) of the same strain, randomly divide them, give half 12/12 and half your experimental light cycle, and hold all other variables constant. You have to compare the growth you got to the growth you would have gotten anyway, not to what the plants were like a week ago.
  4. The green industry worldwide use 12/12 for growing short day plants. The only place you find these other light schedules is stoner forums. The green industry spends millions of dollars each year on scientific research to achieve faster and better growth. If there were a better way produce larger and faster blooming plants it would be used by all professional growers.

    It is very confusing to understand why a beginning grower would want to change their cultural practices from the accepted norms that have proven results for decades, based on wild speculation from uneducated growers. For some reason a few grows seem to be enough for some people to consider themselves experienced growers when growing MJ. Following proven growing techniques will always result in better plants than using amateurish suggestions from anecdotal evidence.

  5. Have fun with those hermies :wave:
  6. Hermies would be be bad. Just set the digital timer to 11 on / 13 off. Can hermies occur even after buds are on plant?
  7. Here are pics of my almost (on 10/27/12), 3 month old plants after day 23 in flowering stage. The yellowish tint in the first two is from the HID being on to provide light in the grow zone as I gave them all a large drink. The box behind the ladies is a box fan box to show size comparison.

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