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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by homeless box, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. February 8th
    Hey guys so my plants already sprouted, its green but then stem is purple, i had to replant it in my cup because someone spilled soil out of it and the plant was sitting real low in the cup, as the dirt only went up about halfway the cup so i stuck my hand under all the dirt, VERY GENTLY removed the plant from the dirt (don't worry i didn't damage any of the roots) added more soil under when i filled it half way i started working the root in and adding soil, now the soil is more up the stem, because the stem had to stretch to reach light because it was so low in the pot.

    also its been quite a few days and besides the single 4 leaf start it hasn't gotten much bigger, the top leaves are green, what could cause this? Its very cold at night here(50 degree give or take) and during the day it warms up to the 80's could the temperature be doing this to it?
  2. i put hte germinated seed in the soil last friday is my plant on track?
  3. i wouldn't worry about it, you transplanted at an extremely young age which may require time to recover from it, make sure you bury the seedling up to the first set of start leafs, also it may be taking longer to grow due to the light you have on it...

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