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    Hey everyone.

    I'm doing an experimental grow right now, in a 1.2 sq ft area.

    I have two plants, both about two weeks old now. One is much bigger than the other, and has almost (not quite) 3 nodes, the other having 2.

    The plant with 3 nodes is also growing much wider (a strain difference I'm sure) and a bit taller than the one with 2. Both plants are very bushy and not growing upwards, and I figured this was because I had my lights close to the plants.

    My box is lined flat white paper on all sides, with an intake fan and exhaust fan in the back. I am using 2x 26 watt 6500k CFL's that emit 1600 lumens each. My medium is Miracle Gro Moisture Control. I know this isn't the best soil at all but it's the best I could get locally, and again, this is more of an experiment than anything else.

    I just switched from a smaller grow area (1sq ft.) The plants were only in this area for about 4 days, before that, they were in the one they are in now.

    Anyway, the bushier of the plants with 3 nodes is browning on the very very tips of the lowest, oldest leaf (less than 1mm.) The oval leaves at the bottom (I forgot what they're called) are yellow now and appear to be turning brown. My other, smaller plant is looking very healthy, is very dark green with no signs of yellowing at all.

    Could this browning have to do with the lights in that smaller area? They were only about 2" from the plant, they are now about 5" from the plant. I've also read that it could be an issue of too many nutes - is the soil the issue?

    Another note, the plant with the browning tips was just transplanted about 5 days ago.

    If there is any useful info I left out, let me know. Any help would be appreciated!
  2. Cotyledons will fall off, don't worry.

    It's probably due to the soil and a PH issue.

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